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  1. Decent sounding. Mult-song or multi-title mixes like this one that host more than a few songs are usually bigger, more elaborate pieces however. This one was pretty simple, with just a few seconds second or two of Zelda's theme and Aryll's theme thrown in... I didn't really see the point. Could have just been a Mabe village mix and focus on just that. But nothing wrong with the style of the song itself. For what it is worth, this seems to be the only song that incorporates Aryll's Theme from TWW as far as I can tell.
  2. Really starting to get into the time where the base problem with these old mixes were just being created with such outdated tools. Technology has moved on and the quality shows. I agree with a previous comment that the first entire 1:30 of the song could have been cut out completely. But for what it is worth, it is a decent dance mix of a song that is fun to see presented this way. nothing overly wrong with it though. It's cool and fun sounding. Just old.
  3. The original track wasn't that epic in the first place. It was just an ambient piece. But CotMM's ambient Super Metroid mixes are the best imo. But... this track is currently mislabeled as the wrong song. this isn't Norfair Depths or same song as the other "Ancient ruins Area." this is just the normal Norfair song.
  4. surprised nobody picked up on the obvious Metal Gear influence. getting flashbacks of the first MGS shadow Moses underwater infiltration.
  5. I am almost sick with how awesome this mix is! It is by far my favorite of his work. And the fact that it has both my favorite tracks from the game is freaky-k00l!!
  6. Do I like, not like this mix at all? It gives me big head hurt
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