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Songs to Wear Pants To

Native Jovian

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Guy makes songs based on requests gathered from the depths of the internet. Some of it is just silly stuff he uses to mock annoying requesters, but a lot of it is quality music. He's even got a couple video game music remixes on there! (Here's a Tetris song and a Super Mario Bros song.) He does all kinds of genres, everything from rap and hip-hop to orchestral.

Personal favorites of mine: Department Store vs. Predator, The Touchtone Genius (easily the most amusing song on the entire site), Captain Shmoie, Shoot the Zombies, Intergalactic (Beastie Boys cover), and We Are the Robot Pirates.

Share and enjoy, OCR.

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Damn he still makes these songs, crazy bastard! Still awesome though, I remember the touchtone genius from loooong ago haha. He submitted his mario mix here once, but it wasn't considered a remix so it was nooo'd. But yeah he's quite creative isn't he, just listening to this swinging brass band one he's done, that's quite cool.

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