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OCR01035 - Final Fantasy Tactics "In Mem'ry of Sir Anthony (A March Through the Plains)"


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Quite frankly I will say, and don't hate me for this, I didn't care for FFT too much. I got to the part where your party starts off poisoned and when I couldn't beat it, I put the game down as I picked up more modern games.

And now the review..

Whenever I click the download link for a song I always skip the intro and start roughly 1/3 of the way in. Then if I like that I will listen to the rest and then the whole again. If I don't like it, I will skip further ahead and then to random parts. I actually was going to turn off this song except for the fact that Antonio Pizza asked me to and I have enough respect for him as a person to listen all the way through. I am throughly glad that I did. One needs to listen to the whole thing to enjoy it. The ambiance created is simpilly incredible.

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I really enjoy this remix. I listen to a lot of OC Remix stuff when I'm doing other things, and wouldn't you know In Mem'ry of Sir Anthony found itself very fitting for many games of NetHack. There is a whole lot of In Memory of going on in that game. =)

The dark, sometimes even quiet nature of the remix can fill you with quite a lot of emotion. I especially like the gunshot and scream (From FFT no less, it seems!) at the ending; it goes together perfectly with the closing parts of the 'mix and feels very natural rather then simply "there along with" or "added in" as sound effects can sometimes be. Nothing, nothing at all feels out of place- Even the constant "heartbeat" like sound enhances everything without drawing too much attention to itself, I say. One of my personal favorites.

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I had to listen to this three times to make a decision whether or not this was good or not. The begining was excellent, absolute thrilling starting at 0:27 all the way to 0:56. However, at 0:57 hitting that light tap echo sounded very awkward for some reason hitting me off. 1:11 nice, but at 1: 23 again, another strange intrument coming in sounding awkard.

1:41 to 3:56 was brilliant specialy in piano sound change to make sure it doesn't sound repatative. Rest was horrid, but 4:04 to 5:07 was superb, but rest I didn't like it one bit.

I highly recomend or request if someone can remake this sound track again somehow (the mp3 tactics game and not this file from here) because it has potentional being remixed, but for crying out loud... no high pitch strange notes.

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Being an avid fan of this soundtrack, I was really hoping for something original to come from a remix. It wasn't bad quality, it wasn't bad arrangement, but it was just not original. It almost was identical to the original song in multiple sections, but less powerful and less instruments. The ending was empty, missing the true beauty and harmony of the game over theme (the only thing that comforts you when the lancer shoves his spear through the last of your party...)

Sorry, but this isn't doing anything for me as a remix.

~AD / Steve~

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01035 - Final Fantasy Tactics "In Mem'ry of Sir Anthony (A March Through the Plains)"

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