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Microsoft Songsmith


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Isolate and record lead track.

Manually waveform edit so that they are at an even BPM (nsf stuff is always a little off).

Upload to ipod

Run Ipod into recording interface.

Try to press play at the exact correct moment when the click track tells you to start, it only takes like 50 tries for each song.

Well, at least you're proud of the end result right? lol

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First track:

Hardman Likes The Soft Merengue


Snakeman Night Fever


Proto In Tha Club (this one was particularly hard to make sound OK)


Do The Sparkman Twist!

hahahaha I can't believe I actually did this.

The vanguard of algorithmic chord generation! I can't stop lolling. I want Do The Sparkman Twist to be my alarm clock.

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So do we have word if there is some means by which those of us in Australia can behold this...thing? All I've been able to find out is that its so far digital download only, and that only the US and a couple of other countries have access. Which kinda sucks, as it means I can't even get someone to bring it with them from overseas (courtesy of the lack of a physical copy).

EDIT: I want to see Rick Astley go through this thing. Just for lulz

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That Eye of the Tiger mix is definitely going into my favorites. No doubt about it

oh god I'm still laughing

Ditto... actually, without the video, not so classic... what's great to me is seeing these very serious 80's dudes walking down the street and rocking out to this version, sync'd up.

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