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Castlevania: OoE: "Sorrow's Distortion"


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Here's a link to the original song for anyone interested: 'Sorrow's Distortion'.

This is probably one of the best battle themes across the entire Castlevania franchise.

What's really amazing about this song, is that you can really feel the sorrow, despite it being a rocking & fierce tune.

Good luck & praise to anyone who try his/her hand at this! ;-)

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Just found someone named Lacope0 apparently did a guitar cover of this song!

Funny that Yasuhiro Ichihashi, who composed the soundtrack along with Michiru Yamane, and did the other OoE arrangements, somehow forgot to do this one...

Anyway, it's a pretty good cover, so enjoy:


...and watch out for the special ending. ;)

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I'll do OoE in the future, since I love the game, probably the best one since SotN

I'll keep it a secret which one though lol

OH PLEASE let it be Sapphire Elegy.

HOW DARE YOU. even forgetting. who raised you. you. stupid disciple!

Also, I strongly disagree with you. Aria of Sorrow and/or Dawn of Sorrow are definitely the best since SotN (DoS's anime character art be damned). Order of Ecclesia suffers from a far too shallow weapon variety and collectible items from enemies. Though, I do love it's general art style and the darker look of it's character art.

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