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The fact that Angela would do all she could not to see the face of...you know who...made it so that pyramid head doesnt have a face.

(Also, this is why the people in bedmonster are positioned the way they are)

This does make sense, sure, but as far as I remember, we never see Angela facing Pyramid Head, though I can see your point, what with Pyramid Head's..hmm...carnal tastes.

I'm just trying to see what the pyramid symbolises in reference to James. Following your no face idea, I can assume shame, but why a pyramid? It could have been any other shape.

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I have no idea why people would suggest it's a door...but Ive heard crazier theories about silent hill (HARRY R PIRAMID HEAD LOLOLOL) so I'm not too surprised...

Yeah, that's just crazy. Harry's flying around with the aliens. =) 'Tis a shame James wasn't in the SH3 UFO ending... But I can't complain too much... The UFO ending in SH3 rocked. Love that song!! :D


He's in there twice.

everybody call them doormen but i agree with eccles bedman have more signification...

I do believe in the official Konami strategy guide it calls them bedmen. I'm just putting two and two together, here...y'know, with Angela and all...

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i have the brady one they are called doormen :!:

In one strategy guide they say Lisa turns into a zombie.

People dont know anything.

and then the tyran come from the ground and a helpful guy throw you a rocket laucher. WHAT that wasn't silent hill !!!! my sellers fool me 8O

95/100 stars at sh3. BLAST i haven't kill enough monsters. it piss me off

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The fact that Angela would do all she could not to see the face of...you know who...made it so that pyramid head doesnt have a face.

(Also, this is why the people in bedmonster are positioned the way they are)

This does make sense, sure, but as far as I remember, we never see Angela facing Pyramid Head, though I can see your point, what with Pyramid Head's..hmm...carnal tastes.

I'm just trying to see what the pyramid symbolises in reference to James. Following your no face idea, I can assume shame, but why a pyramid? It could have been any other shape.

The Pyramid ties in with the caps the executioners wore back when Silent Hill was a military prison during the Civil War.

Also, regarding the doorman/bedman controversy:

They're called doormen in American strategy guides and documentation because Americans just can't handle the concept of sexual violence. It's clear what they are if you look at them, but Konami doesn't want to be known in America as "the people who made that game with the rape monsters."

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there is a pyramid head in sh2 but not a "cuddly" one !!

and at the beginning pyramid head don't have a pyramid in his head but some tissue wrapped around his head.

Yes it does, doesnt it?

The DVD says it does...

it's the cuddly version of PH. that why they don't use him in SH. to CUDDLY :o

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You have some screeeeewwwwwwwy soundtracks, man.

Where'd you pick 'em up? Because Butterflies is the final battle track from SH2. Do you recall "Terror in the Depths of the Fog" or "The Darkness in Our Minds" being on those CDs?

Because I don't recall "Terror in the Depths of the Fog" (most pornographic industrial Silent Hill track EVER) being in SH2... EVER. WHERE is it? Anybody know?... anybody?

I believe the track "Butterflies" which you are refering is from the "Silent Hill Compositions" album ripped by Nursery Cryme and given the title arbitarily. You are welcome to visit the site (Dead Link) for more information. OR you may have gotten it from the complete soundtrack from Dustfungus' site (Link updated) of the same track by the same name.

Also, "Terror in the Depths of the Fog" is the ending theme to the "Born From A Wish" extra story on the X-box version, Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams. I believe "The Darkness that Lurks in Our Mind" is the music heard when you fight nurses (radio turned off).

Truthfully, the Silent Hill soundtracks have never really been produced as direct rips from the games but as pieces that Akira Yamaoka thinks would be marketable to the public. So, the names of tracks would, consequently, not directly be interpretations of the game, but rather more marketable titles, like "Butterflies." Because, who would buy a track that's called "Mothes," honestly? (Please don't respond. It's just a rhetorical question.)

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Listen to cuddly pyramid head, children, he knows more than I do...

Cuddly Pyramidhead is the only Pyramidhead I like. The other ones give me rape nightmares.




Actually, I do have silent hill tentacle-dickgirl-vaginabreast hentai...

Where's this DVD that you all keep talking about?

sh2 first edition with 2 cd the game and the making of

And is that available anywhere, did you have to preorder something, or what?

Got it off-a ebay, I think...

Anyway, it's called "lost Memories" and its got images from the silent hill games, including Cut-scenes, monsters, concept art...that kinda thing.

It's not worth the full price, but I got it cheap, so thats great.

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Silent Hill 1, 2 & 3 Spoilers

Could someone please explain something to me? In SH1 and 3, Alessa is the reason the town is so fucked up. From her nightmares, and being the mother of God, she has powers, and people called her a witch. But... In SH2... Where the hell does everything come from? I mean... James is no witch. Is he? He has no powers. Still... Most things revolve around him there. Does he have some connection to Alessa? Or was Mary and Alessa in the SH hospital at the same time? In those deep underground, wierd hospital rooms? I haven't seen every ending in SH2 yet, so if it is explained in one of them, just let me know. Otherwise... Could someomne explain? =/

Each of the games in the Silent Hill series have dealt with a different interpretation of reality. The first suggesting that the world can be altered phyically and that reality doesn't exist on solely one plane. The second game dealt with the idea that reality is only what you make of it; your actions determine how the world, and thus reality, are shaped. The third suggested that reality can be controlled rather than just reflecting our nature or beliefs, and alternatively changed. Either way, there is a theme that the concept of reality is dynamic.

I believe that in Silent Hill 2, James sees the towns of South Vale and Paleville (he never actually steps foot in central Silent Hill) as images in his mind. All the monsters, all the settings and even the characters are merely illusions of his guilty conscience. Many psychologists believe that the mind is a powerful and can alter reality for a person when pushed to extremes, in James' case killing his wife.

Also, from the Rebirth ending, you learn about the presense of the "old gods" in Silent Hill, which can add to affect that one's mind has on reality. I believe that everything in the game takes place in James' mind. All the characters represent a different aspect of James' emotional state. (This theory was mentioned in an old Silent Hill topic in Unmod, and I forget who to attribute it too.)

Obviously, Maria represents everything James wanted Mary to be: sexy, outgoing, funny, attentive. She also represented the thing James wanted most: Mary, to whom he would ultimately atone. Also, we know that Pyramid Head represents James' want to be punished, since it appears he recieved no retribution for his crime in the real world.

Here, though I tend to deviate, because I also think that Angela, Eddie and Laura are also just represtative of his mind. Angela represents James' feelings as a victim and wanting to be a victim, since he blames Mary for causing him three years of pain. This aspect of James is probably why some people call him "whiny." Anyway, from the "In Water" ending, we see how James resolves his problem similarly to Angela.

We also see similarities between James and Eddie, as they are both killers. Eddie represents James desire to backlash at people who hurt him. Look at the reasons why Eddie kills all his victims; he thinks the world is out to get him. Though I admit Eddie seems a little crazier about it than James was, James does have a darker side to him since at the time, he fantasied killing Mary. This is revealed in the Maria ending and suggested by Maria and Angela.

Lastly, we have Laura. Laura is a more simple character as she isn't tormented by inner demons; she's a child. Anyway, Laura is just the representation of James' want to find Mary. She wonders around the town trying to find Mary as does James, but isn't affected by any of the monsters that James "sees." She also represents James naive nature about what happened to Mary, since he doesn't realize what he's done until he's faced with the evidence, much like a child.

Still, each character sees a different reality. Angela and the fire, Eddie and the laughing faces, and Laura in an empty town. So, there really isn't much witchcraft going on, just different interpretations of reality.

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Silent Hill 1 & 3 Spoilers

Thanks IronKnuckle. You have an interesting theory too.

However, there is evidence to believe a third theory about Alessa's soul: only half her soul is human. You see in the second to last cutscene, the doctors discuss why they can't harness Samael/Incubus/the god's power, because they only have half the soul. The ceremony that they performed to get the soul of the Incubus had a limiting effect and were only able to get half the soul. Alessa was merely a vessel from conception. So she only has half her own soul, the rest filled by the Incubus. And apparently, it doesn't have much power.

We infer from the scene in Daliah's house, that Daliah plans to bring the other half of the soul into the world by giving birth to Cheryl. So each girl is really a half girl, possessing only half a soul. When they are joined, does Heather's soul form. I believe that when Daliah combined the two, two people were formed: Alessa, mother of god and Alessa, daughter of god. As we see in SH3, god (Incubus) is formed in a whole form, but exists inside another person. I believe this is why Heather doesn't have any power, but Alessa/Cheryl did.

In order for Daliah to control Alessa's power, she needed the excite the soul. So she tried to kill her. Well, we saw what happened, but it didn't work, and Alessa became horribly burned. For convenient reasons, Daliah told people that she had died and kept her hidden in the basement of the hospital. There she could perform her ceremonies in private and draw whatever power she needed. But nothing happened, since only half the soul was there. And so, Cheryl was born with the second half. But, somehow Cheryl disappeared.

When Cheryl returned to Silent Hill, the full power of the god was brought forth. Still, Daliah had no control over this power and Alessa had gone beyond her reach, so she employed a servant, pawn if you will, to find Alessa for her, because Alessa now had the power to evade Daliah. With some magical spells to confine Alessa to Silent Hill and a talisman called the Flauros, she hoped to gain that power. And so the role of Harry is filled. However, I don't think Harry was Daliah's first attempt to use a pawn, which may explain the presence of Cybil and Dr. Kaufman in Silent Hill and why you don't meet Daliah until later.

Thus, I believe that the plot of Silent Hill is just Daliah's attempt to control Alessa's power.

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