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  1. You had to buy the game AND a DS.
  2. Ah, trying to make up for how they screwed people over on the preorder bonus.
  3. Don't go changing, I like you just the way you are.
  4. I'll be getting it...in like October or whenever it was delayed to. So, aside from PW, Phantom Hourglass, and I guess Ninja Gaiden (even though it looks like you need to have played the recent games to get this story and I haven't played a Ninja Gaiden game since the third one on the NES) is there anything else coming out this year to keep an eye on? Luminous Arc looks kinda cool, but I have an incredible backload of RPGs right now so I'm not in a hurry to pick it up.
  5. I don't know. That's...that's why I asked in the first place.
  6. So I guess one would need to play Portable Ops before tackling this game huh?
  7. He just spammed Darkja way too much for me to beat him. Plus towards the end he had Faith in effect that I couldn't Dispel because he would put up a Reflect so it hit everyone for 9,999 damage. Even with a Black Mask equipped you still have a 50/50 chance of dying instantly. I couldn't overcome it.
  8. Am I just playing this game wrong or just trying to beat everything way too quickly because I'm having trouble with some of it. I just beat Valkryie's fifth act, and that boss was pretty simple, but I probably spent an hour trying to get through the act four boss. Now I'm trying to get through act six and am stuck fighting two Unicorn Knights in this one area and it is not going well.
  9. 31 rare monsters? But...no...I can't find any more. What the crap.
  10. Ok, so how do you complete the Hunt Club sidequest at the Phon Coast? I've killed all the trophy monsters, but the Huntmaster says I've only given 29 of them away because he took the first one that I got from the turtle. How do I "get" that trophy back?
  11. Especially on the next-to-last level. While you're trying to make your way up the temple area they just fly out of nowhere and knock your ass back, sometimes off into instant death. Luckily I rock at this game.
  12. Well, there was a little wiggle room at the end of Golden Sun 2 where they could make a third game if they reached. So what's the word on Touch the Dead? I'm all for some zombie action, but not if it sucks.
  13. Truth on that. Especially the last boss. Yay for three consecutive battles!
  14. That's basically the case in any game with that situation.
  15. Well son of a bitch, that worked like a charm. I think the problem was using 'A' instead of 'B' because that's what I was always doing and he would just randomly heal himself. Excellent!
  16. A Time Attack? Not that I know of. As for the topic at hand, I don't know if it qualifies as really a hard boss, but for the life of me I cannot beat the last boss in Sigma Star Saga. For some reason no matter how many times I shoot the bastard he eventually heals himself for an unknown amount of damage (I assume all of it). Coop...anybody...help!
  17. Certainly. A couple of times in fact.
  18. What, you don't like fighting two already boss-like in their own right mummies before fighting really hard sorceress woman?
  19. Holy hotness. I have a copy of Earthbound Zero, but it's Famicom only. Might be doin' me some orderin'.
  20. Good Lord how long ago did I post that?
  21. Hot Springs has a pretty good strip joint.
  22. Yeah, Turnabout Big Top had a lot of lulz. Now that I think of it all these cases had some good plot twists. I personally think the big plot twist at the end of the second case was the biggest. I think my jaw might have dropped on that one.
  23. Warmech

    Spider-Man 3

    Exactly. You know no one counts Daredevil as ever actually being made.
  24. Warmech

    Spider-Man 3

    You mean you guys don't want to see Kingpin? Or Rhino? Maybe Tombstone? Or the best villian ever, Shocker?!
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