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St. Louis Meetup! (June 27 - 28?)

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Given that it was almost a week away from the meetup date and this thread was almost on page 3 (with less than a page of posts), I'd say this meetup date likely needs to be changed to be successful.

There is an UnMod Kansas City meetup the weekend of July 10, but I should hopefully be available any other weekend.

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If there was a train from Chicago to St. Louis I would maybe come.

(someone look for a train schedule, I'm too lazy/tired)

Amtrak has a regular schedule of trains round trip chicago to St. Louis http://tickets.amtrak.com/itd/amtrak/FareFinder?_tripType=Return&_origin=chicago&_depmonthyear=2009-06&_depday=27&_dephourmin=&_destination=St.+Louis&_retmonthyear=2009-06&_retday=28&_rethourmin=&_adults=1&_children=0&_infants=0&_searchBy=schedule&x=15&y=10

I used the 27th and 28th dates.

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So is everyone game for these dates?

Also, I plan on holding a BBQ around early-mid August at my new place if you guys are interested - think of it as a sort of goodbye BBQ for Nekofrog, since he's going off to basic training soon.

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Thank you for this.

If I decide I want to go, I'll probably be visiting with other friends, but I will make an effort to stop by and say hey what's up.

Also, baha, where's your new place? Alternatively, when are the parties starting? I can bring in dem bitches you know what I'm talking about *fistbump*

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My new place is going to be near Mattis & Kirby in Champaign.

Also, bumping this up - people have suggestions for things to do in St. Louis?

Edit: Bardic & I simultaneously came up with seeing Transformers 2 for the nighttime at least.

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City Museum isn't a bad idea -- the Science Center is free to tool around in also.

Would people be up for the Budweiser brewery tour?

EDIT: Union Station mall would be a decent spot to originally meet up, also.

Six Flags is kind of out of the way, expensive, and weather-dependent. I don't think I'd be that excited about it, but could be convinced..

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