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  1. Don't believe the hype. JtDL is a stay-at-home dad and a sweetie. I try to stop by Johnson City when we drive through so our kids can play.
  2. Exciting times to be alive. That sounds incredibly scary. I'm glad you're recovering.
  3. heh. so last year, after months of working through it, i came out to my wife as a transgender woman and let her know that it was important for me to transition. she struggled with it for a while, but we've been together since high school and have two kids and are ridiculously co-dependent (and being married to a woman is not a deal-breaker), so we're doing pretty well. after meeting with a therapist, i began hormones last fall, and l, since then, I've come out to most of my friends and family to universal support and acceptance. which has all been great. despite my almost entirely positive experience, the whole process has been an ordeal emotionally. I've been working through a lot of internal issues, relitigating a lot of my past experiences, worrying about the future, struggling with myself, etc. I'm not out at work yet (though I'm planning on coming out in the next few months), so that's been another big, soul-crushing source of stress and anxiety. it's been a big change and more big changes will continue to come, even as much of my life remains stable. I'm so much more anxious and stress-filled, but still relieved and excited not to live dishonestly carrying this burden. how bout with you?
  4. the vocals (and lyrics) are the best part of the song though!
  5. I saw DarkeSword (I'm pretty sure, having never met him) and I thought about saying HI I AM GUY WHO POST ON UR FORUM LETS BE FREND, but I was already on the escalator going up and away from him and he was talking to someone else. I spent 95% of the time playing board games, so that's about it in terms of my stories from PAX.
  6. http://www.indabamusic.com/studio_access/metric I don't know how many people here listen the band Metric, but if you are a fan and have musical talent, you might be interested in this competition to remix their album Fantasies. The prize for winning is $1,000 per song ($10,000 total if you manage to win them all).
  7. here are some bands i recently discovered that no one else has heard of and you guys should check out (i discovered them): kanye west justin bieber katy perry b.o.b. let me know if you have also discovered some equally obscure bands!
  8. I've been married since last October.
  9. They are pretty incredible, for the most part. Even the bad ones.
  10. Thank you people I know and also those I don't.
  11. before anyone asks, 26. and thanks, tpq. i was prepared to make myself a thread if no one else did.
  12. itt the ocr forums come to the realization that lady gaga is a talented musician. a couple years late to the party, but at least it's progress.
  13. Avatar is the only 3D movie that used the 3D well, but I doubt it added anything significant. That said, I'll probably continue to shell out extra money for movies that are released in 3D cause THE FUTURE.
  14. I know some people on Remod were wanting to do this, but they might have already gotten 4 people. I'll point them your way anyway. It's a fun game, but there are numerous frustrating UI issues, and it was clearly designed as a console game. This is a somewhat minor complaint though, as I definitely still play it and have a great time doing so.
  15. how do you cloak and then do them as spy and then also activate dead ringer
  16. and you don't want to hear atmuh's voice whenever you play pyro?
  17. Arenas are only good with 8 or fewer people, and if there are that few people, it's usually not hard to RTV to one.
  18. Eulogic


    A ridiculous number of OCR people are from East Tennessee for no good goddam reason.
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