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Futurama has returned!!!


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He didn't say "all fans," simply "the fans." This can refer to any number in excess of 2 fans.

Basically: Haters gon' hate.

And no, I'm not calling you a hater. Although, I may be saying that within all of us, there's some part of us that wants to express our dislike about one thing or another.

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I was disappointed "Neutopia" didn't explore the gender-reversal further with the individual characters. As such, it seems the gimmick was pretty one-dimensional as a means of driving the episode towards its expected conclusion/moral.

In "Benderama", how is it that everything went back to normal after Grey-Goo Bender left Earth, when they had converted ALL fresh water into alcohol? Also, wouldn't the severe reduction of planetary mass when Grey-Goo Bender left cause another change in the Earth's rotation/revolution, again altering the 3000's calendar? (Is this a running gag?)

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A few episodes ago Bender couldn't die because he had no backup drive

Now bender died and he's magically backed up to the cloud

I love futurama and every episode makes me happy but seriously put some effort into the scripts

Doesn't really matter anyway since Status Quo is God and everything goes to exactly the same way it was before the episode started every time.

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