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Star Fox Remix Attempt (Space Armada, Main Theme, etc.)

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Please note that this is still very early! I just started it today, and I've only spent about a couple hours on it.

Anyways, here's what I have so far, just an introduction:


I still have yet to QC it, so it doesn't sound very polished right now. Also, you may need to turn up your volume.

I'm still trying to think of how to continue it.

Enjoy! And please let me know what you think!

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Great intro, but the sour-note-through-transitions of the low-end buzzy-synth for some reason don't sit well with me. The brass pad on the left that's presence from the beginning might do well to be cut out after :43 simply because the higher-end synth doesn't mesh too well with the attack delay (pardon if I don't use the terms properly, basically the slowness of the brass pad notes reaching maximum volume). I love the blip synth and ambient stuff you put in there.

You said it was just an intro, but you've got to finish more of it just so I can see where this ending crescendo goes to! This is my first time ever leaving feedback in WIPs, and I'm trying to contribute more as I begin to take advantage more of the WIP section, so forgive me if this isn't too helpful or if it seemed harsh at all. I'm still learning!

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I heard source. Let's say it's good enough for me and get to the stuff I'm better at. :D

I'm mostly bothered by the brass lead, it has an annoying gradual attack between being there and being loud, which is pretty annoying. I suggest using a different sample/synth patch. This is kind'a sparse, which may or may not be a problem. The use of orchestral and synth parts works great, gives it a really space-y feel.

The piano sounds subdued, which isn't a problem in the middle of the action but when it's alone it's to weak to carry the track. And it should. You might also want to give it a delay or another space (no, the other kind of space) effect.

This sounds promising, good luck with it.

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I like your crashes, they made it seem larger than life and IMO that is how any Star Fox remix should sound. :-o

I kept wanting a spacey choir on "Ah" to come in really, really subtly on the tonic to hold a ethereal presence during your build-up(s).

Keep working on it. Lock your arrangement into place and give us an update.

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Try something unconventional to span into, like the black hole theme or Venom... Something that not everyone uses. I could see Sector Y in there somewhere, but it'd be nice to have a good build up to something that sounds really epic. Venom's music screams epic to me, since it's the last stage. But, that's just me. I am a StarFox fanatic.

As far as the song, I don't like the instrument that is the lead. It sounds very strange to my ears. I have always liked that being straight piano, but I know that's really close to the original track. As for the rest, it's interesting.

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Definitely a good start! From what I'm hearing, this all sounds like an intro. At the final hit, where you leave off, you might want to go into a driving rendition of the main theme. But that's just what I'm hearing. Some of the attacks in the synths need to be worked on, but that's been discussed already. I would say first work on fleshing out the arrangement first, and get yourself more material to work on. Oh, and bring up the piano, it can be quiet, but it doesn't have to be quite that soft. Good luck with this!

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