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Final Fantasy X


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Kinda sad you skipped over FF9. IMO you should have played that one over X. It's the best of the Ps1 FF (even better, there's a lot of neat nods to the old school in this game....sucks the end is kinda blah though). X is a decent game. In terms of story it's an interesting approach and near the end I found it interesting. Also some of the characters while having decent backgrounds/stories are kinda meh.

But really if anything you should stick it out for would be the battle system. It's great! Sure it's pretty straightforward and kinda slow at the beginning but once you have all characters and full access to the Sphere Grid, that's where things open up. The battles can be really challenging (especially stuff in the Monster creating Colosseum thingy). If you can ignore the story I think you'll be at least entertained with the battles. Just stay clear of FFX-2 though. While the battle system and job system is like FFV but more refined....story wise....oh god the story...

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