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Chrono Cross - Radical Dreamers


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I'm not holding much faith in this panning out (requests never seem to), but I figured it'd be worth trying.

I have english lyrics written out to Radical Dreamers from Chrono Cross, but I've never been able to find someone interested in writing the background for me to sing to. I'm hoping a thread like this (now that I'm halfway decently established here) might pick up someone to help me out with this.

If anyone wants to give it a shot, feel free to respond here, PM me, email (darlantandragonavenger@gmail.com) or aim me (XDarlantanX). Thanks for reading!

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Ok, three people interested, which is awesome, but now I'm not exactly sure what to do, which is not as awesome. Maybe you guys (possibly girls?) could do a quick demo that I can hear and choose one? I hate having to make decisions like this :/

dbrown, your file didn't work for me. Can you try again or email it to me? Thanks!

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Self-Hosted off my own bandwidth, so it should work.

As I said this was a quickly put together demo (which I did for you), so I can do ANYTHING you want with it.

I just took a listen... you know what I think would rock with this?

Take some kind of brass-ish instrument with a warm sound, like a French horn say, and have some counterpoint and/or harmony work added to the lyrics along with the background more or less as-is, at least conceptually.

If you throw me a tempo measurement in BPM, then I can knock up a demo. (It feels about 135-140 bpm but I don't feel like doing guess and check...)

EDIT: This is what I'd said before:

I can't record or produce, but I could provide notation and a MIDI file if you're interested. (I might be able to generate a simple MP3 adding the horn part into the file already provided, maybe, but it will need serious production work because I don't really know anything about mastering)

You interested at all?

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