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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves


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Worst game ever. Horrible piece of trash. Waste of 60 bucks. I hate you Naughty Dog. Why do you ruin things for me?


I agree. I died in this game. FROM LESS THAN 48 HUNDRED BULLET SHOTS.

Let's go burn down the houses of all the people involved in the making of this game, and then sack them. :) (No, we are not sacking the burnt houses, we are sacking the people involved with the game. But sacking the burnt houses is a good idea, too.)

Bring forth the giant arrow! Shoot it through that conveniently placed bonfire over there as if you were the Hero Of Time! Even though you are not, and you could never hope to be and if you think you are, you are a sad pathetic weakling who has no life and needs to get help from a local rehab center, or www.abovetheinfluence.com!


I like this game, though I didn't get very far because Shariq's been playing all day. :P

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It's Gucci!

Most fun I've ever had platforming, simply because it becomes more of a puzzle than the pixel-perfect precision platforming of an old Tomb Raider game. He has enough sense to grab on to stuff automatically, the game has clearly established limitations on how far he can jump/fall without dying, and most impressively, it's actually obvious where you can and can't grab onto despite the lush realistically-blended visuals. The art direction is consistent enough that you can easily tell the difference between a stone you can hang off of and a regular background stone from a wall. That combined with the innovative ledges combat and huge traversal setpieces, the fact that Drake's hair actually *moves* in the wind, and the fact that you're not spending the whole game shooting down minorities makes me think that someone over at Naughty Dog paid attention to Yahtzee's review of the first game. :-)

One thing that hasn't been mentioned much in the reviews though is the musical score. I loved the music in the first one but Greg Edmonson's work on Uncharted2 goes even further. Even more use of world instruments from all over, larger and more bombastic (yet still "mature" and restrained) orchestrations, and even some ethnic vocal tracks this time. One distinctive thing about both scores is that they almost always have a sort of minor-key sadness to them, sometimes even in large action areas the music takes this somber approach that speaks to the world itself moreso than to the action. Very clever stuff that you don't really see too often in games.

The implementation of the music is cool too, it's basically the same Sony-action-game style like we'd seen with Uncharted1 and inFamous, with lots of short ambient segments, multi-stem action cues, and heavy use of silence. Uncharted2 goes a step further with the action music and uses a great deal of silence and "breaks" in the intensity there as well, often doing things like interrupting a heavy action track with an abrupt stop and ethnic wind solo before going back into the higher intensity music. It's unusual and risky but it works perfectly in context.

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