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Anyone else crate digging?

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Probably the best thing I've done for my production in a long time is starting crate digging and basically sampling anything and everything I can, and ever since I've been able to create some great mangled textures and at the very least have been exposed to a ton of music I never would have listened to otherwise.

Anyone else been doing the same thing? Any neat finds?

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I come from a generation that is still used to asking questions to people for serviceable answers, not Google or Wiki.

I come from a generation that learned how to use dictionaries and encyclopedias, through the snow, uphill both ways, and used them as starting points before asking further. Your argument would've had more merit if the Wikipedia definition was not serviceable.

Since it is serviceable, you may now get off my lawn.

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That's not an attitude, that's me being '>old and '>cranky.

You could've just tried, and you'd have your question answered; every link on the first page of Google explains exactly what it is. Those texts you see there were actually typed by actual human beings. Do you never look anything up if you want to know stuff about something?

Forums are for the interesting questions that you can't answer with encyclopedias and dictionaries, like "how do i djp" or "How would I go about orchestrating this particular piece", because there's no straight and narrow answer to those. (the retort being: these are not your forums, and that's just like, your opinion, man).

It's not like OCR is going to run out of space or something, but you get way more interesting questions that way, and self-reliance and self-education are important - doubly so because so many people here have to wear several hats (engineer, musician, composer, artist, technician, etc.) at the same time.

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I used to do this a LOT when I was into dub and slicing/cutting... in my tracker days.

It's really fun and useful. And I wouldn't just dig up records but like recordings of shows and stuff. Like in one song I had samples from the Flintstones 'chipmunked' and a reversed sound of some sort of cars going by on a race track. Have also used things like the sound of glass breaking or camera mechanisms operating for percussion.

Wish I still had all my stuff I used... that was loads of fun, years ago sadly.

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We stopped crate digging after we got shelves for all the records... next to the record player.

has anyone ever heard of The Dickies?

Can't say I have :/

I'm really starting to love Ableton's sampler the more and more I'm using it, and really I've gained a supreme respect for samplers in general, especially once you get it to loop in a really weird place and you get some crazy modulation on it, then sampling that sample. Good stuff.

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Bought a few more records this weekend, as well as having access to my dad's record collection. So far I've already discovered the sample used in Lupe Fiasco - Pressure which was pretty cool because it was on a really obscure album.

I'm thinking about making a little sample pack for OCR though with some cool stuff I've found that I may not have a use for (as well as whatever breaks I've found), would anyone be interested? Is anyone else up for doing the same?

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