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[Trance DJ Sets] Classic Global-Trance Unmod Sessions

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Hey all,

Several of you are familiar with Global-Trance's recent Public Address DJ sets, but what you may not know is that he's been making sets since the old "Unmod" subforum was a large part of the OCR community; hence the name "Unmod Sessions."

Now not all of you were here to catch these classics when G-T first released them, or maybe you did catch them, but lost them in the ensuing time, so I've taken the liberty of reuploading them to the internet for more people to enjoy or re-enjoy as the case is.

There are sets 14 in all, with #14 being a two part set (olol a set of sets). Each number in the list below links to the download for the corresponding set.

So, without further ado, ladies and gents, I present to you

Global-Trance's Unmod Sessions

(tracklists here)





005 (G-T's 21st Birthday Bash)


007 (Emotional Uprise)

008 (Shifting Gears)

009 (Relay Race)

010 (Summer Summoning)

011 (Summer Progression)

012 (A Summer Drive into the Heart of Autumn)

013 (Destination)

014 (4 AM): part 1 / part 2

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Holy Shit!
I've been listening to parts 10-12 off and on since 2006 at Least, I used to really enjoy the Unmod forums Forever ago, and the three of these mixes I saved and kept through years and many many moves and changes in computers, hard drives, and life circumstances including being homeless.

I love you for posting this, and this board for not having deleted this in the Many years since I've last looked and failed to find the rest of them. Now I can hear the rest of them, as they are nowhere to be found!

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