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DJ Nerd42's Chrono Tied = Chrono Trigger vs Fort Minor's "The Rising Tied"


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Chrono Tied is mashup mixtape produced by DJ Nerd42 that puts the vocals from Fort Minor's 2005 album "The Rising Tied" over beats created by sampling the Chrono Trigger soundtrack. It has some original beats but also several copied from the Chrono Trigger Mixtape instrumentals. After a three year development cycle, this project features over an hour of music.




All mirrors point to the same file. Use 7-zip to open. http://7-zip.org/

* http://www.mediafire.com/?kmzmd0gjdnd

* http://www.megaupload.com/?d=QNQ2PYDS

* http://jellyshare.com/files/Chrono%20Tied.7z

* http://uploadmirrors.com/download/1JVPF5GQ/Chrono%20Tied.7z

* http://sharebee.com/6f682709

* http://www.rapidspread.com/file.jsp?id=u7fwy6wfay

* http://qooy.com/files/GDMLBJTB/Chrono_Tied.7z

* http://massmirror.com/6a4ffd0bf50aa0f838261e6e8f048fa3.html

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so, I don't understand, if this is a release, then why'd it get moved to workshop?

I am enjoying this greatly by the by

Yeah, this is definitely not a workshop deal. It's not a work in progress anymore (has been for the past three years) - it's a release.

I'm not submitting this to be included in OCremix, which is for making arrangements, while my art is about making actual remixes and mashups. I'm just posting about it so members of the community who want to can listen to it, as it relates to video game music and thus probably to their interests.

i couldnt get half the songs to work but the half i did sounded pretty good.

i think its crazy after all this time the soundtrack to Chrono Trigger is still so popular.

Because I haven't heard this from anyone else, my guess is that your download corrupted somehow on your end. Try downloading again - perhaps from a different mirror. If you aren't using the latest version of 7-zip to unzip, get it at http://7-zip.org/ You may also be using a sucky media player. Try VLC media player or WinAmp instead, as I know for sure that both these players will play my files with no problems.

And if all else fails you can still catch the full track list on my YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/djNerd42#grid/user/79DE53AAAA3C924C

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This is great, and needs more attention here. Nice use of the CT source on track 11.
Actually that instrumental was by Compromised, for the Chrono Trigger Mixtape. I figured, why reinvent the wheel? So 9 out of the 20 tracks re-use Compromised's beats, then there's one by Theory and two that I just used straight out of Chrono Trigger. So that plus nine original beats by me makes 20 tracks. :)
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I think only the mediafire link has half-working or something. The megaupload download works 100%. I didn't check the others.

But anyways. Good stuff! I'm not a big fan of hip-hop but lyrics are relatively pg-ish and has substance, not just random words haha. =] The annunciation is good too. Great work. Keep it up!

Yeah, The Rising Tied was pretty good ... as far as mainstream hip hop goes, it is about as underground as you can get ... without actually being underground. LOL :)
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This is really really awesome. Found this thanks to a tweet from Shael Riley.

Diggin the hell out of this. Awesome stuff, Nerd.

Only downside to me? I hate clean edits. Would've much preferred the real uncut vocals.

Thanks. Sorry, I only do clean edits.
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In the same vein as "Chrono Tied", I'm looking at doing a Deltron 3030 meets Final Fantasy VII album. To do that, I would need to purchase or acquire these final fantasy VII instrumentals somehow. I don't accept donations for the mashup productions I do but if somebody liked Chrono Tied enough to really want to hear more of that kind of work, I would accept somebody purchasing those instrumentals on behalf of this project and sending them to me, preferably as FLACs. I know how to rip low-quality mp3s from BandCamp sites but it's stupid to base a mix on such low bitrate material as the bandcamp previews.

If nobody wants to sponsor that then I guess I'll shelve that project till sometime when I can justify the expense.

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