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  1. I remember seeing this a while back in the WIP section. Still as good as I remember. Glad to see it posted!
  2. I sure do miss Trenthian's mixes. Not that I'm tired of the old ones, but always great to have another to add to the collection of great mixes!
  3. Almost clicked download right away. Couldn't though. Had to finish it one time through. Too good.
  4. Oooh. Wow. Improv huh. Niceee. If chords aren't too much of a trouble that would be nice. ^^ Thanks! =D
  5. Haha. Agreed on the piratey part. From my roomie, it doesn't sound as fun as the original. Perhaps you can pull off a fun piratey mix? =D
  6. Wow! Haven't heard HOMM2 music in quite a while. Good times. Could you provide tabs perhaps? ;]
  7. Hmm. The only suggestion I have is to change up the instrument for the grenade man theme during the 2 minute area. Everything else I quite like. Great work =]
  8. Agreed with Zerothemaster that is quite similar to the source. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. Perhaps you could add some of your own tune as an overlay that accentuates the arrangement of the melody. Perhaps a guitar riff or something?
  9. Totally reminds me of the old school cartoon shows. Back when they were good. Love the lyrics. Only part that kinda doesn't click for me is the off-tune part. Seems like you meant to do it since the other parts are in tune. Just wondering what kind of effect you wanted to have there? Edit: Listened to the source. I see what you're doing there haha =]. Srry, I never played it before xD But other than great stuff. I'd like to hear more =]
  10. The xylophones or whatever seem a bit sharp on the ears at a few points in the mix. Overall well done though. I can definitely recognize the source and that part is very well done. =]
  11. Love the drums/timpani (or whatever percusion that is) in this piece. Gives it that epic-ness feel and movie-like kick. =] Great stuff!
  12. ...... It's so good it makes studying for finals fun! Another great album by OC Remixers and interestingly enough, there's always a new one during finals.
  13. I think only the mediafire link has half-working or something. The megaupload download works 100%. I didn't check the others. But anyways. Good stuff! I'm not a big fan of hip-hop but lyrics are relatively pg-ish and has substance, not just random words haha. =] The annunciation is good too. Great work. Keep it up!
  14. I agree, you should add in some timpanis or at least introduce some low frequencies to the first half. In the second half the bass is there, but perhaps you could draw it out a little and have it sustained longer? Or perhaps just kick up the bass a bit. I like the orchestral-ness of it =] Will be epic when it's done. hehe
  15. Great stuff. I think you're pretty much done with this mix. Just your little touch ups and fx if you want and hopefully it'll be submitting time! =] Edit: I think that its fine to have one robotic and one natural, but if you do, I think the male vocals should be more electronic/robiticized than it is right now. Like techno or trance male vocals. For Melinda, personally I would like to hear some sustain/reverb on her vocals, but other than that I think her voice is great.
  16. For jesters of the moon it sounds pretty much like the original with sped up and slowed down at various parts. Since it is a remix, we'd like to hear more of your style and a bit less of Nobuo's =]
  17. Did you want it to jump right in? I think it would work really nicely with some kind of intro. Or perhaps you may want to just start a little slow and then speed the tempo up to what you have now. I'm not sure if its just me or not, but it sounds kind of muddy. Melody is nice as it is like the original. Maybe you can add some of your own stuff, make it more unique =]
  18. Some games have save states built in (the code thingies) But you have to have good handwriting or else you'll lose your file forever... again... And ya. pretty much persistence or play short/quick games =]
  19. Well I didn't read through page 2 of the replies n stuffs but I like it =] Gots some funky grooves haha.
  20. Has a very catchy funness to it. I think the frantic-ness fits quite well. I am presuming the ending isn't finished though? ;]
  21. No not sad as in bad, but I guess compared to the normally "happy" remixes. =] I think its actually fine as it is right now. Although it would be cool to have a climactic point or something =D
  22. My suggestions if you want to add or change stuff would be if you added some reverb, or echo, or hall-like effect or whatever to the vocals (and perhaps a little more kick to the kick drum, maybe). I think it is fine that the vocals are louder than the melody since it does carry it out quite well.
  23. Very much so the random but lovely coins. I also like the variation of using synth in the background and chiptunes style. =]
  24. Sounds like the same melody as the original game, not much for variation. Would like to hear your interpretation of dark world. Right now its pretty much a soft midi with a kick drum. Spice it up with something. Anything. It helps by making a title for your remix so that you have some sort of direction or guideline
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