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  1. This! Great game but also drove me crazy. At one point I stopped doing any side quest and just went through the story quests. Some of the side stuff was just to hard and I dont have the patience for it like I use to. Also, I dont know if anyone mentioned this yet but Shadow Hearts. Especially the 2nd one. Great games. Very dark, fun battle system, great characters and great music. Breath of Fire V is very good as well. Though not a great Breath of Fire game, I think its still a very under appreciated RPG.
  2. I finally finished this game last week. I have to admit, as much as I liked it, it was a struggle. The side quests got repetitive and was a but slow at times. I used the same 3 characters for 90% of the game. No other combo seemed to work well and most of them were not very interesting. I do not have the time for long games like this anymore which I am sure impacts my feelings towards the game. Glad I finished it though, best RPG ive played in a long time.
  3. I couldnt disagree about Motorola more, i would not recommend any other DROID phone. When i upgraded, Everyone told me to get the Newest Samsung phone and despite my hatred for Samsung phones, i caved and got it. Worst mistake ever, Eventually, Verizon was kind enough to swap my phone for the Motorola Bionic which i LOVE. My next upgrade will probably be the Maxx.
  4. Got a new Xbox for Xmas, does anyone still play this game?
  5. I feel the same way. I dont care about most of these new characters and will most likely not even get the game. Do we really need more DMC or RE characters?
  6. that is pretty much how i feel...
  7. Bump! i should probably think of something since it was my idea
  8. Sir, please... dont worry, i am just as surprised i won as well. I will try and think of a good theme later today! Thanks everyone!
  9. i put something together real quick, good luck everyone
  10. i would love it, playing with you guys was great, but my 360 red ringed.... i can only play it on my PS3
  11. anyone still playing this? I just jumped back on and realized how much I like this game better than MvC3. My 360 red ringed so I am only on PS3 now.
  12. i think i have an idea, cant wait to see everyone ideas
  13. i found a cheap copy for 360, soo start looking for me coming back.... SeisCampi
  14. i wanted to color mine in crayon but i couldnt find them, oh well, next month... hope i submitted on time...
  15. sketch is done, just have to put it together, should be done in time...
  16. I just finished playing it a few weeks ago. I hated what they did to the character. Samus doesnt need anyones approval, shes a bad ass bounty hunter who wiped out the most dangerous race in the universe (2nd only to critters) I could rant more about how this game annoyed me but I am sure people already pointed out most of what I was going to say, Overall it was a fun game but a crappy Metroid game. Maybe I judge a little more harsh since I have loved all Metroid games prior to this one. Oh well, maybe next time....
  17. i loved Dragon Quarter, i was also a big fan of 4. I dont know why but there was just something about 4 that won me over. I was ify about DQ when i first started it but it ended up being one of my favorite games at the time.
  18. I finally got around to playing with Jill for a bit and found her interesting. I also played around with new teams. I have been finding better results with Ryu, X-23 and Felicia. Though i am still far from good, I am wining a little more in player matches. (I have decided to stay away from ranked to prevent myself from hating the game) Arthur and Storm are also some of my favs to use and of course my Darkstalker Trio.
  19. So i finally got my new computer today,. if you post-pone the deadline for a few days i should have something...
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