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Vurez does Tetris (Korobeiniki)


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Ahhhhhhhh, I love listening to your music Vurez =)

The busyness around 3:00 is particularly enticing!

You got it all here. Great interpretation, instrumentation, mixing.

I am curious though, how many instruments DO you play and which ones here were recorded live? Obviously you've got the plectrum down, but damn! I love it.

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Excellent! More Vurez! You have tough competition on Type-1, so while I can't say offhand that your take is my favorite, it will most certainly get several more listens. Unique and, as always, well-executed. I'm not versed in my Russian dance, but to an uninitiated the ethnic flair in this is delightful.

I hope you get back in a regular swing of remixing! You're one of, oh, maybe five at most, remixers who are so consistently awesome that I've kept every single remix they've released (your MM6 album posts in ocr directed me to your webpage, and for that I am thankful). Esoteric compliment, I know. At any rate, you have another fan. So thanks for the new remix!

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wow man, sounds great. You say this is all sequenced? What programs are you using to create this? That's some amazing sounds you got there. It practically sounds like you liquored up a bunch of russian musicians and had them play this for you!

Very nice!

Haha, yeah that was the original plan - I managed to get the liquor but I wasn't able to find any russian musicians so I ended up using Cubase, Kontakt instruments (like Chris Hein, String Essentials, Retro Flute, etc.), and various other VSTs.

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