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  1. Oh my god that was delightfully creepy. Fits the mood for Kamek and his angry little tirades. Don't mess with the Magikoopa.
  2. Aww, bless you for being so encouraging. Looking at some of the replies to this thread, I think that's what a lot of us need anymore. :C
  3. Well, I spent a lot of time trying to keep a job I couldn't. Finding a full-time job is like spotting a unicorn. I'm strangely optimistic and not worried, though. I've been reorganizing my living space, cleaning stuff out in between filling applications. I finished a couple of craft projects. Oh, you thought--pffft I don't contribute to OCR lmfao sorry. I make music with my mouth, nothing else.
  4. Lol, nice. I close at work tonight I'll try go hop on before I pass out.

  5. Dude. Open up multiplayer on Fantasy Life!

  6. You could always add me. Or something...why weren't we friends before?
  8. *ALMOST GETS REALLY HAPPY* Is this going to be a true sequel I wonder? Same characters, continuation of story/world? Or is this a Final Fantasy-ish thing where they get new characters, completely different world map and slap a number on it? *thinks* HMMM.
  9. Yeah. I was called by my local Gamestop and they were all like "hey wanna sell Xenoblade?" I was like, "lol, fuck no'. Seriously nobody's selling this game back and now everyone wants it. Ya'll shoulda known better. Ecto, i will be excited to hear any wips, bro. This soundtrack needs hella love.
  10. Despite the usual bashing of games being 'typical JRPG" why isn't this game getting remixed? I mean seriously, this music is amazing, and considering you can't freaking find this game anywhere anymore (only sold at Gamestop and those who bought it aren't selling it back, apparently), that's got to count for something. I'm not saying anything against people who didn't like the game or don't like JRPG's in general, I'm merely pointing out "HEY. AMAZING SOUNDTRACK, Y U NO REMIX!"
  11. I'd like to see what they're going to do with that Twilight Princessish tech demo they showed off. Oh come on, you know there's going to be a Twilight Princess Sequel...there was a Link to the Past sequel, it's not far fetched.
  12. Brandon the point is, you're being an unnecessary douche about your opinion. Also, the point behind your posts is questionable considering - you bought a wii u - you're bitching about EVERYTHING concerning it. Bonus - you're misinformed and incorrect. a lot.
  13. *tentatively prods you with a stick*

  14. Translation: I DON'T HAVE ANY FRIENDS.
  15. Brandon. You just contradicted everything you have ever said. I give up.
  16. *subscrib'd* The fact that EA is banking on them being taken seriously (I don't care what console you have, they're a fucking joke at presentations) is really interesting. I mean, yeah they make money but honestly, what are they making money on? Every year's Madden. They could probably just keep regurgitating sports games and they'd be okay, but that doesn't mean people won't get tired of it sooner or later (what's that, that's why people are hating on Nintendo? GASP).
  17. Because everybody and their dog wants Nintendo to deliver what they expect out of X360 and PS3 and that's not what Nintendo does. EVER. And they're butthurt about that.
  18. Stop posting photoshops of yourself, Brandon, it's going to make people sick to their stomach. Like I said before. You strike me as the guy I keep running into at a friend's house who is unhappy with everything and makes it everyone's problem. Why did you buy a Wii U if you don't like anything it's putting out and have no hope it will ever put out anything satisfactory to you? I'll admit that I somewhat question my decision to spend $350 on a freaking console. But I think Nintendo's going to have some surprises. They have a huge opportunity here if they can get past the whole "hey this looks cool...what the hell I do with this now?" phase they seem to be in. Nintendo is crazy. That doesn't seem to hinder them when it comes to pulling off amazing shit though. But then again, I wouldn't be surprised the Wii U being Nintendo's last console...I have mixed feelings... Because the response to his point of view makes for more dray-ma.
  19. Probably because EA wanted money the same method Nintendo wanted. Nbd. Really, if you ask me, it's not that hard to incorporate a tablet as a secondary screen. I can imagine great inventory and skill menus or interactive maps on there. Hell, you could probably keep a sports play plan on there for Madden. If you're into sitting on your butt while playing football, i guess...
  20. Really? Cuz it sounded like I was on one end of the spectrum, you were on the other and Crowbar Man was in the middle. Nice back pedal. Yes, I had been using the AV cables. You know, the cables that come packaged with the Wii? I used those. And then when I bought the Wii U, I plugged in the HDMI cable. You know, the cable that comes packaged with a Wii U. I have a Vizio 22'' HD tv. It's not much but it's mine. Yes, Brandon. There was a noticeable difference when I switched consoles and cables. I'm sorry you didn't see a difference on what is I am sure a very much nicer TV. It sounds very much like our experiences were different due to equipment. That doesn't give you the right to get up on your high horse and start 'teaching people what it really is'. Cuz I know what I fricking saw, and it was great. @Crowbar Man: I'm actually a she. Thanks for throwing down your two cents on the matter. ON TOPIC: New Virtual Console update - SMB2 is on sale if you already have Super Mario World (until May 23). Super Metroid is $0.30 people. They sure don't have much to choose from but boy they're trying their damndest to be good to us like Steam. Ain't much but hey they're trying. I'm interested to see the progress of the new Xenoblade-like game they teased last year at E3. I wonder what else I'd be interested in besides Wind Waker HD. *imaginary beard stroke*
  21. Either you are expecting it to vomit rainbows and Call of Duty or maybe I am just excited over nothing. The difference may be small to you, but it was huge to me. There. Difference of opinion. OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!! also your opinions suck and most of the time are wrong anyway...
  22. Brandon. I was playing the game on the Wii when I bought the new console. I switched. I started playing the game again. CLEARLY THERE WAS A DIFFERENCE ENOUGH FOR ME TO SAY SOMETHING. I never said "HOLY SHIT HD". I merely got excited at the difference. If an upscaled game looks so much better, I thought, holy cow I can't wait for an HD Wind Waker. Because seriously, I'm excited now that I've actually seen a difference. You're trying to sound smart and 'educate' me when I already knew it wasn't true HD. This is why we can't have nice things, Brandon. Stop killing my buzz. As a sidenote, I fixed the issue I had with my external hard drive not being recognized by the console to format it. I used one of my other external hard drives and it worked...I now have 1tb hooked up to my Wii U. BECAUSE LOL.
  23. So me suddenly being able to see items that are meant to be picked up and fully differentiating those items from flowers in the scenery (a problem I had with the Wii), and it being very much brighter and sharper has nothing to do with a switch from AV to HDMI cables. Ok Brandon. Thanks.
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