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Some varied site updates just went live, 12/7/2009 6:00EST:

  1. Underlying data access code has actually changed quite a bit, but the idea there is that you SHOULDN'T see anything different, i.e. nothing gets broken... might run a few ms faster or something (hopefully!)
  2. As far as the design goes, detail pages have basically been flipped (images, references on the left, instead of the right)
  3. Chiptunes are handled differently (each chiptune gets its own page)
  4. The "previous/next" buttons for detail page level browsing have been moved up next to the breadcrumb, on the opposite (right) side
  5. Listing of recent remixes on artist, system, organization detail pages is now always a single vertical column, far right side, except on game pages, and it displays 10 instead of 6
  6. New lightbox for multiple game, artist images, uses jquery, should now work in IE8 and load a bit faster

Nothing huge from a feature perspective, but it might take some getting used to. I've been using the development version of the site for the last 3-4 days and I'm already very used to it, and prefer it. The chiptunes modification, where each gets its own page, is a bit more flexible than what we had previously, and should let us explain more about what the file formats are, how to play them, etc. without bogging down other detail pages.

Please post comments/issues here!

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maybe switch the location of albums/remixes for remixers only?

looks decent if they are on an album:


but if they just have a lot of ReMixes, it seems like space is wasted:


either way is fine, i dig the flipped look.

Some of that is "planned expansion" space... for example, integrating with the collaboration status & skills specified on artist forum profiles, when available, so yeah... it looks a *lil* weird now, but I hope to fill it with good stuffs soon... ish.

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