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Hero of Time Fan Movie?


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When I first heard about this I was very excited. When I saw the trailer I was a little dissapointed. I mean, making a movie about Zelda and anything close to OOT is a phenomenal idea! I just feel like something's missing in the heap of it all. I dunno, maybe it's the background themes, or the costumes, but I get an unsettling feeling of poor realism.

I'm sorry for all of you who really like this trailer for the movie, as I am not trying to offend anyone, nor am I saying I could do better. I'll have to wait to see the full movie to have a better opinion about it. I hope the best for our friend Link

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Didn't have much time before. I wanted to ask you, The Author, where I can find this review. I'm curious to know why you may be so upset. As a skilled Adobe user and life-long artist, I'm sure I caught most of the visual effects errors you may have noticed. The effects didn't bother me all that much, as I will admit that probably a huge reason for my love of this movie is purely sentimental...

(sorry for double-posting, I wanted to make sure The Author saw this)

... and that tomato-face emote is so distracting...

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Here it is, first half as I was watching it, and the rest was after it.

The pacing is horrible... but their mistakes indicate that there is a way to make it better...

They also need a better make up artist.

1 hour in, and finally some action...

Yeah, the film would have needed 5 or 6 rewrites... There is a lot in it that works, but it is hidden under what doesn't...

They tried really hard to make a big boy movie, but now it is failing really badly... they had a great moment around minute 60... and well, they have had a bunch of good moments... Also Link is kind of a dick...

Their music guy fails at action scenes...

20 minutes left... and well... too much left for the movie to deal with... I dread a "to be continued"...

Zelda's hot though...

Never mind, To Be Continued would have been too good a move for this movie...

Then again, minute 90 is good... well.. less horrible... I guess...

Minute 95... music all wrong IMHO.,.. I think this movie kinda needed a script too... right now they have shown they know how to make good scenes... but they have crammed too many slow paced elements early on to have the good scenes actually have enough time to be great.

Never mind that, the movie fails hard.

Zelda deserves better as a movie. And these fans couldn't see what they were doing... A commendable effort, but overall, a bad movie...

Here's my final review of the thing (In white for spoiler guarding):

They had good ideas, but ideas alone do not make a movie. The intro was too long, with no payoff at all with Saria later on, this type of situation will actually plague the movie throughout. The bothered gamblers is another example of this kind of scene that did not add to the movie and as such removed from the interest. They manage to throw in an interesting call back to the OoT with the garden scene, but they then messed up the whole thing by splitting the conversation with Zelda in two. They used the Epona and Malon/Talon names well, and actually managed to use these scenes as a sort of reason for Link to stand up, that was well done. But it was too late. In fact, the first 60 minutes of the movie felt almost superfluous at this point. And after the first 60 minutes, Link starts to kick ass only to forget how to do so for another 20 minutes. He was pussified throughout the movie. And after another promise of kickassery and surprisingly good CGI for this kind of project, we are presented with a montage, which again shows the inability to have a scene pay off. Why was the Poe captured? No one knows... How was the ogre felled? Again, no clue how. The Octorok also died off screen...

At this point we get some well choreographed action scenes, a somewhat good battle, and then a stupid ending that, while referring to OoT's ending, failed to get the point. In fact, I believe the ending would have been more effective had the reunion been with Malon and not Zelda. Hell, Sheik should have been Malon, with Zelda dead. That would have been gutsy, and would have made the end actually touching.

The pacing in general was off. If their action scenes had to be short, which is understandable, they should have made their plot scenes shorter as well. This movie moved at the pace of an anemic snail.

There are some things I actually liked. The music was good for the most part, the more glaring failures being action scenes. Link's actor, while amateurish, managed to sell his character well, Saria's actress was pretty good too. Zelda, as I have stated, was hot. But she also managed to appear royal at times, and vulnerable at others. I believe however that the best actor in this movie was Ganon's, and he managed to sell it well, except for some facial expressions. Some ideas were well done, and the CGI at times was impressive for a project of this scope.

Overall, I have to admit it was a nice try, but it failed to capture the sense of adventures and action of the games, I can understand missing out on CGI for monsters, but with the potential for good fights they revealed in the latter part of the movie, the lack of action is unforgivable. This movie also had severe pacing issues. The lost woods scene was TOO LONG. No way around it. That superfluous scene with the messenger of the Deku tree (Mido I guess) was utter shit, once you realized it wasn't to establish a guide for Link and a way to create dialogue. The town scene was also too long, and the Malon scenes were great to set up the later plot point, but even as that failed to pay off in the end.

So, a commendable effort, but a failure nonetheless.

(Also it kinda reeked of the "my friend is making a movie so I'm gonna be an actor" syndrome.)

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You definitely make good points, and I can see where you're going with this. However, I must say that while the pacing was definitely odd, I think it might have gotten to be too much if they'd fleshed out every single battle. I liked that they focused on the first one in order to create the mood, and then didn't flesh out another battle until the battle with Ganon. If they HAD fleshed out all of them, it may have detracted from the impact of the final duel.

Also, a few things you may have missed: The Shadow Demon was the "poe" they put in that bottle. This was likely both a reference to the game and an answer as to how an elemental demon could be defeated. Another thing, you keep saying that Shiek being Malon would have been a better ending, but are you suggesting they rewrite the script completely, or did you miss what Talon said during the dinner scene about Malon's death, and were confused about what happened to her?

Personally, I've always thought that in the games Zelda's personality was a bit flat. I liked that she actually had emotions in the movie.

Other than these points, however, I agree with most of what you said. However, I cannot say I am swayed in my opinion that this is my favorite movie ever, even if only for the fact that Ocarina of Time has had such a crucial impact on my life. Instead, I feel that this movie has in fact given me a new taste of the same game, in the same way that I felt the first time I took the 3-Heart/minimalist challenge.

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Another thing, you keep saying that Shiek being Malon would have been a better ending, but are you suggesting they rewrite the script completely, or did you miss what Talon said during the dinner scene about Malon's death, and were confused about what happened to her?

This is exactly why it would have been so touching, imo. Because we were lead to believe malon was dead.

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Think about the ending, and now replace one of two things in the movie:

What happened to Malon happened to Zelda.

Or Link reunites with Malon at the end.

Do you think that ending would have had more meaning to it?

They pulled out an unexpected dramatic bomb and they did not get it to payoff in any way.

The question I ask about this movie was: What genre was it?

It wasn't action, because action scenes are for the most part rushed and only about 5% of the movie.

It wasn't romance, because we never see the romance actually grow between characters. It was just there.

It wasn't comedy, although it tried with the pointless bandit scene.

It wasn't adventure, because as with the action scenes, the adventure was rushed.

That movie lacked a strong identity. In fact, I think I can give the idea presented in tehre a quick "treatment" and see if you prefer it my way. Go back to beginning of the movie:

Film starts.

Link is fishing, and Saria calls him. You can save about 20 minutes of film by having his mother call him to meet the Deku Tree. (Hell, you can make the messenger startle him as he fishes, have a first "action sequence" with him and the messenger fighting using "deku sticks" and "deku nuts" until the confusion is cleared up, and then have Saria call him to realise he got the message.) Walk through the village exposing some of the details that were neat, ad then move on with the plot. Tree tells him he needs to go to Hyrule to meet his destiny, have Saria say that she will go with him but have the Deku Tree mention that her role is to be something else in the future.Then have the teary eyed goodbye.

20-30 minutes in.

When Link makes it to Castle Town, have him help a traveller being attacked by bandits outside the town. The traveler is Talon, who invites him over. Use a "montage" to show that Link spends some time in town, getting to know Malon, while he searches for answers, and then have Impa contact him anonymously telling him that Zelda has the answers. Link sneaks in the Castle, and is caught, not by a guard, but by Ganondorf's henchman trying to sneak up on Zelda. Have the reveal that Zelda has Wisdom, Link has Courage,and the King has Power. Have a similar scene about how Zelda's mother died and Link wondering about his past, but DON'T HAVE THEM KISS. Maybe even have Impa note that there is no way Link was a Kokiri, since his hair is as blond as Zelda's.

About 40-50 minutes in:

Ganondorf's plot is pretty much the same, poison the king, kill him, steal the Triforce. Have Zelda tell Link that the solution is in the Temple of Time, but as Link goes in to take the sword, have Ganondorf explain his trap as it traps Link for the period of time.Link is released, and finds Castle Town overrun by Redeads. He runs away, finds Talon who remembers him, and then gets Link up to date: Ganon rules, Malon's dead, and Link is no hero. Have him offer hospitality out of the invitation he made in the past, and not out of kindness. Have the guard attack the farm, and Link find his hero groove. Talon tells him of Sheik and the resistance. Link gets Epona, and goes to Karakiro.

About 60-70 minutes in:

Link meets with Sheik, she tells him of the temple of fire, they go together, and find the Goron. Same fight with the monster WITH the Goron following in, to become the sage of Fire. The fairy/spirit gives Link the magic, and mention something about his lineage being linked to the Triforce. Go to the temple of Water, have a more elaborate fight against the octorok, meet with a Zora there, and have the fairy there tell him that although he is closer to knowing of his birth mother, he should not forget Saria. The Zora becomes the sage and Link with Sheik rushes to the Lost Woods. Have him save Saria from the giant, reveal Sheik as Zelda, Saria becomes the sage, and have Saria say that Zelda is the splitting image of Link's mother. The forest spirit reveals that outside of Ganon's ritual, the Trifoce belongs to the royal family, revealing Link to be Zelda's brother. They leave the Lost woods, see Talon's Ranch being burnt, they fight there, Zelda/Sheik is kidnapped.

We're hitting minute 100 here. It's a complex story, it could use more time to breath.

Link finds Ganondorf in a field, as he is starting the ritual to extract the Triforce. Have the battle between Link and Ganondorf be pretty much the same, but have a guard show up and stab Link at the end of the fight. Ganon is vanquished but Link is dying. Zelda uses the magic of the 3 fairies to transport back to the Temple of Time, place the sword back in and have Link restored back in the past, while seeing images of Ganondorf being pulled away from his scheming and into a shadowy void. Zelda asks her brother if everything is alright, he says he doesn't know, stands up and walk into the garden in front of the Temple, where he had spent some time with Malon, and finds her, ending the movie.

At most 120 minutes.

Wanna save some time: skip the Malon love and familial relationship between Link and Zelda, let romance be untold, but if that happens, DO NOT KILL MALON. If she dies, then she is the reason Link is undoing the past.

Anyway, a quick and more streamlined version of what the movie could have been.

Edit: wow, long post... on the plus side, creativity seems to be coming back... I guess...

Second Edit: I forgot to mention that I loved the prelude, and it could be included almost as is. Although it would work better as if the history was introduced by the Deku tree, and the finding of the child is Saria telling the story completely, during the goodbye scene in the beginning.

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I pretty much agree with RD, but want to add that I thought it was way overscored, which reduced the overall effectiveness of the music. The music was going almost continuously, even in expositional dialog sequences where music really doesn't belong. It felt like they just sat down and scored the entire thing straight through without making any cuing decisions.

I am extremely impressed, though, that a fan project would have an original underscore of this scope. Lesser projects tend just to rip music from somewhere else and slap it in without much thought, which usually ruins things.

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holy shit this movie was so bad

but then again 90% of their budget was probably used to rent that horse, so I can't fault them too bad

also, I felt that there were at least a dozen scenes that felt like lead-ins to porn, but never actually evolved into porn. which is a shame, it could have been a good movie if that were the case.

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Are we talking about recent stuff or the classic stuff? When I say classic I'm talking just before the 80's

Dude, he totally means classic.

You don't get pseudo-elf porn in this day and age, y'know?

But yeah, the acting in this movie was shit... And a fat Asian guy was a Goron. Who just says "I'm a Goron"


Also, I'm surprised no one notices this:


I mean, seriously. He just totally puts a knife to that messenger's throat for no reason. He leaves that 'bandit' in the woods like a jagbag, he takes that Goron's hand and cuts it to draw blood, without even warning the poor guy, and like, decapitates people and throws torches at them like he's some deluded Aragorn wannabe.

It's hilariously stupid.

I said it before, but the overacting Ganon and co, and overacting Impa are the best parts about this movie.

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...a fat Asian guy was a Goron. Who just says "I'm a Goron"

Also, I'm surprised no one notices this:


It's hilariously stupid.

...the overacting Ganon...

I take it you've never seen the old Zelda animated cartoons that coincided with the Super Mario Super Show's cartoons? Sure Link was still a bit of a douche but not as bad as the fan movie version it seems.

Note I haven't seen the horrid movie and I don't wish to bother with it.



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