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  1. This remix has needed to exist for so many years. Words cannot convey how happy I am right now.
  2. Nice! Extra special having the Ocarina in there; Is that you playing? Edit: Album is downloading now~!
  3. My RSS feed hasn't been updating properly; is there a known issue with it? It's also quite possible it's got something to do with the way I set up my feeds folder... Good thing I'm subscribed to the YouTube channel, or I would've missed this bit of epic!
  4. Oh, I thought there was a rule or something against multiple remixes with the same name XD Although with such widely applicable one, I guess that's different? *thinking of the StarFox remix by The Wingless*
  5. Reminds me a lot of Random Hero's work in quality and style. You sure you're not him using a different name so as to keep the "one mix a year" streak? LOL I look forward to hearing more of your work in the future
  6. I was hoping you'd submit a 2010 mix! And I believe this is the first Cave Story mix here? I'm listening to it in a second tab right now, and what I've heard so far has not disappointed me
  7. This is really beautiful work I'm curious to know exactly what the "drunken sailor" version sounded like in comparison. Do you happen to have any old files online somewhere?
  8. I swear I'll never understand from Sega's perspective why they decided to rewrite the music for the GameGear, having only actually played the Genesis version... But it led to this, and that is just epic
  9. Willrock, this is just awesome. That's all I have to say.
  10. Aaah! Not a Robotron mix for this remix number? lol, kidding. (but if anyone gets the joke, you're awesome)
  11. I love your work, Halc. I just had to start dancing when I heard this XD
  12. Wow, this was a sudden turn in topics O___o;
  13. You definitely make good points, and I can see where you're going with this. However, I must say that while the pacing was definitely odd, I think it might have gotten to be too much if they'd fleshed out every single battle. I liked that they focused on the first one in order to create the mood, and then didn't flesh out another battle until the battle with Ganon. If they HAD fleshed out all of them, it may have detracted from the impact of the final duel. Also, a few things you may have missed: The Shadow Demon was the "poe" they put in that bottle. This was likely both a reference to the game and an answer as to how an elemental demon could be defeated. Another thing, you keep saying that Shiek being Malon would have been a better ending, but are you suggesting they rewrite the script completely, or did you miss what Talon said during the dinner scene about Malon's death, and were confused about what happened to her? Personally, I've always thought that in the games Zelda's personality was a bit flat. I liked that she actually had emotions in the movie. Other than these points, however, I agree with most of what you said. However, I cannot say I am swayed in my opinion that this is my favorite movie ever, even if only for the fact that Ocarina of Time has had such a crucial impact on my life. Instead, I feel that this movie has in fact given me a new taste of the same game, in the same way that I felt the first time I took the 3-Heart/minimalist challenge.
  14. Didn't have much time before. I wanted to ask you, The Author, where I can find this review. I'm curious to know why you may be so upset. As a skilled Adobe user and life-long artist, I'm sure I caught most of the visual effects errors you may have noticed. The effects didn't bother me all that much, as I will admit that probably a huge reason for my love of this movie is purely sentimental... (sorry for double-posting, I wanted to make sure The Author saw this) ... and that tomato-face emote is so distracting...
  15. You can view the entire thing at DailyMotion
  16. http://www.theherooftime.com/ Who's seen it so far? Personally, I loved it! It's my new favorite movie!
  17. I'm pretty sure he has the Megadeth one, but I'll link the others to him! thanks!
  18. Just wondering, does anyone have plans to make any sort of Duke Nukem Remix? My boyfriend is mad that there isn't one... lol
  19. I was surprised when I saw this on the youtube channel before it was here. At first I wasn't sure what to think, and the more I listened, it just kept getting cooler and cooler XD Awesome work!
  20. Hey, I found someone in my English textbook who wrote a review of Edgar Allen Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart", and the title of the review was titled "'The Tell-Tale Heart" as a Love Story". It said it was written by a Scott Peeples. Would that happen to have been you or someone you know? If so, that's pretty awesome :)

  21. Never played Crystal myself, my sister used to have it, though, and most of the music is the same :3 I've been playing Gold A LOT recently, however, and this just makes me want to play it even more XD Definitely a nice, nostalgic mix
  22. Aaah, I've always loved Aeropolis, not only for the music, but the levels as well I agree that the source isn't much to work with, and I think you did a really good job -- congrats!
  23. I'll be there! How many remixers do you think will come? I want to meet some of you guys!
  24. Unfortunately, I'm worried that's the problem, and there's no apparent way to separate the cord from the tablet... If there was, I could have transported it much more safely ;-;
  25. I went there too. But I might have to wait until monday for a reply, so I figured I would ask elsewhere as well. I've also asked for help on facebook, deviantART, and another forum site.
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