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Video game music creation software


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I've spent a few hours online searching for software to create my own video game style music. I came across something called Stomper Hyperion which sounds pretty cool but probably isn't exactly what I'm looking for. There HAS to be some kind of software that mimics the sounds made in the old nintendo and sega games of the 1980's, and allows you to create your own music with these sounds. Can anyone help me out?

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If you've got a program that supports VSTs, there are some great 8-bit VSTs available, and I'm fairly sure some are free. I don't know exactly what they're called or where you can get them though, because I use Reason and that doesn't support VST. If you have Reason, there may be some good 8-bit Refills. My brother gave me one, but I don't know where he got it from and it lacks a lot of classic sounds anyway.

And as Otaku said, there's Famitracker.

As for SNES/Sega, some people have made soundfonts of sounds from certain games. Once again I'm not sure exactly where to get them. Of course you'll need a program that supports soundfonts (I'm pretty sure most of them do).

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

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Some of these are pretty cool.

Speaking of which, here's a good attempt at a GM type MegaDrive soundfont, although I'd rather use VOPM for FM sounds:


TFM Music Maker is a tracker for Sega type sounds which is also quite handy, but it sure can eat CPU and RAM. You can grab a free download here if you have a heavy-duty computer:


On top of that, the above site has got some hit-and-miss in terms of vst, but the trackers there are pretty solid in terms of user friendliness and what not.

Personally, for NES, Fami-Tracker is your best bet and the VOPM VST is probably the highest in quality that I know of for Genesis type sounds (provided you create your own patches). For Super Nintendo, download the Setzer SPC soundfont as it has all the basics for Square-ish games. But you may have to rip SPC sounds, convert them to wav and set looping points for them in a VST sampler or DropZone if you have Kinetic 2.

Hope this helps. If you want some good tips and tricks, talk to people like OverCoat or Gecko Yamori. They've been popping tracks of these kinds for ages.

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