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Adventure game contest (win stuff!) [Voting Stage]


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Voting is over and the results are in!

1st place: So You Want to be a Hero... by JerryTerry (inspired by Quest for Glory I)

2nd place: angelitos by Dhsu (inspired by Grim Fandango)

3rd place (tie): Dark World Dungeon by Cameron Steele (inspired by Zelda)

3rd place (tie): Survived! by Dizar (inspired by Monkey Island)

All four of you did a great job! I'll be sending you four a PM and an e-mail today in order to gather information about whether you want a digital prize (no address needed) or a shipped prize.

Thanks again for entering! It was a lot of fun to host a contest here and I am certain we will be doing it again.

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Voting will last 1 week, opening Sunday, February 21 as soon as I post the entries and closing Saturday, February 27 at 11:59 PM EST. Voting is open to anyone on this forum who registered before the announcement of this contest.

To cast your vote, please send me (Atropos) a private message on this forum, with the following format:

1st: Artist and remix title

2nd: Artist and remix title

3rd: Artist and remix title

Each 1st place vote is worth 3 points, each 2nd place vote is worth 2 points, and each 3rd place vote is worth 1 point.

You get to vote only once and you can't vote for the same remix multiple times. Entrants cannot vote for themselves, but they will automatically receive three points if they vote.

If you would like to offer feedback to the artists along with your vote, I will be happy to post feedback with the results. I will not post who the feedback is from, however.

Winners will be announced in this thread on Sunday, February 28.


1st place - 320GB external HD

2nd place - Metal USB-charging remote control helicopter

3rd place - LucasArts Adventure Pack on Steam, or pick a size for an OCRemix T-shirt

After the votes have been tallied, winners will be asked to provide a shipping address via e-mail (the same e-mail address they used to submit their entries) in order to claim their prizes. If a winner doesn't want to provide a shipping address, we'll be happy to substitute a digital prize (ie ThinkGeek gift certificates, Steam games, etc.) instead.

Mailing addresses get deleted as soon as the winner confirms receiving his/her prize.

If a collaboration wins, the people in that group will have to decide on a substitute prize that can be divided between them.

In the case of a draw between two people, both people will receive the prize they earned. In the case of a draw between more than two people, we'll have to work something else out.*

We will ship prizes internationally, but anyone outside of the USA may end up having to pay customs fees if your customs regulations are particularly evil.

Prizes will be shipped within two days of the votes being tallied.

* Because we can't be sending out 10 external hard drives. Sorry!

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Well, I've started working on something.

I'm not too good, but OCR gets $5 either way, so I may as well give it a shot.

Hah, we once did a Photoshop contest where only one person submitted an entry that fit the criteria. We still picked second and third place winners out of the people who completely messed up, but the guy who met the requirements got first place by default.

Winners don't always have to be good, they just have to be better than the competition. :)

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  • 3 weeks later...

Gah, the deadline's the 20th? For some reason I remembered it as the 27th (I must have got it confused with the voting deadline - Thank god I came back and checked)

I'm determined to get something in though, no matter how bad it ends up. I'm suprised nobody seems to have shown much interest in this. Has anyone actually submitted anything yet?

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I've received only two entries so far - one yesterday and one today. I guess it's a busy time of year, with school for some and taxes for many.

After going so long without any activity, I'm relieved to see any entries at all! Thanks to those who have entered so far, and hopefully other people can sneak in submissions before the deadline. :)

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Voting is now open! Please check the first post for details. :)

Thank you for your entries! Dhsu, I included yours in the list despite it being late (you were only late by an hour or so). I have no idea what it's from, so if you accidentally posted it in the wrong thread, let me know. ;)

With only four entries, we are increasing our donation to OCRemix to $10 per entry, and we'll give away two 3rd place prizes so all four of you can win something.

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If you'd still like to finish yours, I'll submit another donation for it. :) Your post made me curious what you were working on!

I most definitely will! :D I could have it done by Saturday, or I could rush it and probably get it done by Thursday, maybe even earlier. Any preference, or does the offer stand for as long as it takes? ;-)

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