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Starfox Corneria Theme WIP


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You mentioned this already but the strings do not sound realistic when they're playing runs of more than a couple of notes (they kind of blend together). It's actually really jarring because it sounds like you have a good quality sample.

Stuff is mixed pretty well. That string sample is the only thing that really bothers me. It's either slow to come in or cuts off really strangely. You're gonna have to do more automation of it, at the very least, to get it to sound tighter and more realistic.

But anyway, good start so far! Keep going!

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Awesome, it's the good old corneria, but with a lot of novelty! I especially like the guitar.:grin:

How about you'd continue this with the starfox main theme(snes), Corneria boss, or training music, and then go back to corneria theme? Or even do a starfox medley! :<

I'm only suggesting stuff here though, I have no idea how hard it would be to put this all together.

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