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Protagonist Records looking to feature lots of user submitted tunes


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Hey there!

Plenty of you may already have heard about Protagonist Records (www.protagonistrecords.net); several OCRemixers have released albums on the label, and lots of free tunes are available.

Things have been cool, but long story short, I WANTS MORE TRAFFIC on the site. I've decided to change how we're operating a bit and make the site a location for not just a bunch of free tracks, but a location for a TON of free, good tracks at a regular interval.

So, while I've had a few guest mp3 releases before, I'm going to make the main page MOSTLY guest releases. A lofty goal for me is to eventually ramp up to ONE A DAY if I can get good quality stuff.

So, I'm putting the call out to anyone whose got some slick electronic music that wants some extra listeners. Submit a track, if I think my listeners will enjoy it, I'll likely post it at some point. Include a request to link to your site, or email, or album you have for sale, or whatever relevant you'd like included in the short writeup accompanying your track on the site, and I will include that.

Details and submit link are here: http://www.protagonistrecords.net/submit

I've set up an easy-peasy soundcloud dropbox. ALL submissions must go through there. Subs through my email or PMs or anything like that will be ignored in a very harsh manner.

I want to make Protag a music blog pointing out great music that people will want to keep coming back to or RSS subcribe to for constant awesome music infusions.

If you're an artist, hook me up with a track. If you're not, but you know some cool indie artists, send em a message and refer them to Protagonist. Get the word out. Let's make this thing cool.

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Quick question - were you looking to spend any money to build more site traffic to protagonist, or is it just user-generated content-driven traffic?

I might be willing to spend some money in the future, when I've revised the site design and functionality a bit more. Right now I'm just trying to boost it with more content to make it more interesting more often. Do you have ideas? I'm up for talking about how to invest a bit in the site. I haven't explored that type of thing much yet. If you have some expertise, send me an email sometime sgxmusic [at] gmail . I'd appreciate it. Totally open to business suggestions/crits.

Might Andrew/Jill Aversa let you use the "Just Hold On" mix they made to demo FL? You could feature that as a free mix.

I'd be down for that for sure. He's one of my featured artists anyway. It's up to them. I'll try and mention it to them.

If only it wasn't restricted to electronic :(

Sorry bro. I've heard your stuff and it is sweet, but I don't think "random music blog" is niche enough to intrigue people a lot. If you have anything with any electronic flavor in it though, it may be appropriate.

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Thanks for posting my track! I've got some more stuff I can send over but I'm not sure what your policy is for multiple submissions.

Let's do no more than 1 every two weeks. I don't want to repeat artists too often, and if I get a bunch at one time, I may be unlikely to hold onto them for a couple weeks.


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Danny, clean out your PM box!

How you been, man? You still around College Park?

Just out of curiosity, is the site mostly dance music or could I submit some straight forward hip hop tracks in the near future?

Yo. Just cleaned it out. Man, I hate getting PMs. Emails are best!

I grabbed your album man. Skimmed through it real quick - really good stuff. I like Monsoon Season. If you wanna put that up through my dropbox I can post that one up. It's got a cool synthy bass I'm diggin.

I'm up in Laurel now. Where are you?

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