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Any chance of ever seeing the old VGMix tracks again?


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I used to have a couple of hundred on my MAXTOR exteral HDD (name stressed so you know what not to buy ;) ) which recently failed, so I'm down to the 20 or so that I burned to CD, assuming I ever find the CD. :(

We've probably all seen by now that virt is a [very nice person who's unfortunately been quite busy with real life]. He could have easily set up the old song database on a cheap FTP server, but [couldn't, because it apparently is over 20GB and completely unorganized].

[until VGMix and virt's upcoming torrent release are done] I'm thinking [it would be nice if we had a thread with] a decent amount of the content from there in one place. Here's what I'd like to suggest: anyone here who has any files from VGMix (1.0 or 2.0), upload whatever you have (zipped if you prefer, or just pick your favorite ones if you have a slow connection) and post it here along with the list of filenames. [Or just wait for the torrent...]

EDIT: Fixed, according to new info. ;D

He really needs to update the main page of the site though

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I have about 2200 VGM1 and VGM2 songs; not nearly all of them, but I'd be happy to upload some of what I have. I'm currently uploading some of my favorite ones, but if you had any special requests I could try to find individual songs for you as well. I'll provide a URL once this finished -- it might take a while. Also, be warned: a lot of the tags aren't right. Just ignore that ><

And let's be nice to Virt -- he just might update that main page one of these days.

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Virt said that he was going to arrange something for the VGMix 2 stuff, likely a giant torrent. The only problems are that it will only have VGMix 2, and none of VGMix 1, and it isn't here yet.

So, until then, I see no reason why we can't share what we have with each other. This link should work: http://www.box.net/shared/i6s2domvv0 There are about 130 tracks there, and I'm currently uploading about 100 more. Remember, this is just my "best of" collection, and I don't even have CLOSE to all of the VGMix tracks. Hopefully it'll keep you happy until the real thing gets released.

Edit: Ps - I'm sorry, but I don't think there is a mass-download option, and I didn't zip them together or anything. The limitations of free webspace...

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