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Great breakdown section, and a good rendition of the theme, and lots o f variation to keep it interesting. Fantastic ending. Levels were good, but the guitar sounded too far back. It certainly doesn't stop me from rocking out, but it could have a lot more energy if it was up close. Some nice tapping sections, and overall a lot of great ideas. Drums are a little too canned; I think some additional velocities would help, but overall this is very nice stuff.

I am most certainly rockin'.

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Very dirty intro here and not in a bad way. I'm not a huge fan of the low fi guitars here. It would have been MORE than awesome to hear them transform into the full bodied sound that we heard on Chris' previous mix, but personal preference is what it is. The low end is a little crowded and I hear a bit of clipping/over compression. I like the break down in the middle. It's a really nice dynamic shift that is actually pretty rare for goat's style; the man likes finding his intensity level and hammers it hard all the way through! It's a good rock arrangement of a theme that needed to be rock in the beginning, but tech restraints couldn't let it be. The sweeping low synths was an interesting choice. Not my favorite track from Mr. Gates, but certainly not a bad track!

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01173 - Castlevania "The Raven"

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