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  1. Interesting idea, i'll chip in too. Melbourne, Australia
  2. Just got my WiiU a few days ago and have been playing the shit out of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. NintendoID is, as always, SirDownunder
  3. Ok, took me the better part of an hour, but i've registered everyone on the list ... and now to play the waiting game
  4. More less blasted through X in a few days, now moving on to Y at a more leisurely place. if you wanna add me friend code is 0662 3240 5665
  5. After some buggery, I had to re-format my memory, meaning i had to redo my mii and that friend code is now 0662 3240 5665
  6. If things go well for me, I might be coming. But it's still up in the air for me.
  7. Badass, Binjovi! Awesome pic.
  8. Good to see you're so excited. :D

  9. Just the preview for VROOM now (Late to the party, i know) can't wait to see what else you've got cooked up, mate ^_-

  10. just got my hands on the game a few hours ago (i finally got around to getting it after sitting on the fence for months) if you see me on a random server, feel free to say hi
  11. With every new episode that springs forth from the depths of the web, my soul weeps... and yet, it gets my blood racing... ... To my LOINS!!
  12. The choruses are pretty pretty much identical I only found this out recently after listening to
  13. Welp, it looks like I won't be coming this year... ...Oh well... ...Takes lots of comprising photos everyone!!
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