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Final Fantasy 7 remix (You Can Hear the Cry of the Planet): The Planet is Dead

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Update: Have a new version with a new mastering. Anyone want to tell me which you prefer of the two?





original post:


Length-wise, it's pretty much complete. Still have to layer some melodies on top of the more barren parts of it, and iron out a few clipping issues.

What do you think of it?

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Woah! That is strangely effective! lol

Hearing this piece done with guitars is awesome as fuck!

The start of it reminds me of something from Silent Hill. Love it when the Heavy Guitar kicks in to accompany the 1st melody.

Only advise I can give is try and make sure it doesnt end up soudning like the guitar parts of 'Fading Entity' by bLiNd and Leifo.

Good Stuff!!!

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The lead guitar after the chugs come in needs to come up, but other than that.

Good god, I'm lovin' this. Its pretty sicknasty awesome. Believe it or not I think the bass guitar could come down a little. Not a lot, or maybe cut some of the lowest frequencies out of it, I'd say do a lo cut around 33hz, and then let the kick do some work on the low itself.

I actually kinda like the tone of the bass guitar, and you know I'm picky as hell about that. But I have a sub, and unless you want everyone with a sub hearing ONLY bass guitar, it'd be wise to turn it down or try the cut.

In fact, that mixing may help the lack of lead issue. If you are worried about the bass being heard, increase around 350-600 hz, and that should give it some more punch.

Cool beans man, if you ever want any bass playin' of the real sort, you got my number (figuratively)

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I really like the original track. I never, ever thought about this track remixed as you did. It blew me away. I don't even like this heavy rock stuff but -- pun intended -- this track rocks.

+ I really like the strength of the track. The track keeps its rhythm guitar (no idea what the technical term is) and it retains its presence eve during solo's. I like that.

+ You play around with different aspects, without the track becoming a pot-pourri of random ideas. For example, you use extremely programmed rolling snares twice. It works. You have one spoken sentence in the song. It works.

+ The drums (especially the kick) and one of the guitar layers play the exact same rhythm at times. It gives a feeling of power, which suits.

- The only thing that bothers me, relates to two measures. Near the end of the track, the hi/hats play on the offbeat (2, 4, 6). It does not work for me. It feels out of place. The 5/8 part fit but that, to me, does not.

It's a small part but I figure you could roll it around in your head. If you disagree, I can surely imagine.

As I said, great track.

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8O Holy crap... This is bloody awesome...

I'd never thought I'd hear 'you can hear the cry of the planet' metal-ized, and yet it works.

I can't really see any issues other than ones that have been already mentioned, other than that, no other noticeable issues.

Can't wait to hear more once you layer on the melodies and what-not.

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The opening clean/acoustic sound feels like it needs more dynamics used. It isn't bad, and for the build to the first real push it works, but it almost seems like it could work better.

Otherwise, I'm really, really digging this so far. A good song from a favorite of mine done in a style that isn't fucking trance finally = win.

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I really enjoyed listening to this, it was super-cool :D I'm not very good at critique much when it comes to rock, so I can't really say anything useful on the whole >____> But I will say I flipped out a little bit when the Aerith quote came in at... 3:20-ish? Mostly because kind of sudden and 'harsh'. You could probably make it sound a bit softer though, volume wise and such. Maybe a bit more echo and some sort of filter on it (bass reduction?)? A very nice touch though! (I can critique more on a tiny little bit of voice acting than on the actual music. Something is wrong here. ...Sorry >___>)

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I'm actually going to go ahead and give my two cents and say that the old one sounds better to me. The sound is less grating to my ears, specifically in the guitars. Maybe its my headphones or something, but I switched headphones to check too and they still sounded like they wanted to destroy my hearing.

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