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OCR01187 - Mega Man 2 "When You See the Flash Man, Duck and Cover"


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Oh crap, I love this synth, and the violins that does their thing with it. At least I think it´s violins.

As the name implies, this would be a track with ass-kicking techno rave, but it´s not. This is more of a philharmonic techno soundtrack suitable more when Flash is showing of his skillz on the dancefloor. It´s too calm to not be a chasing battle theme, but dude, that´s not the problem. Or to be prescise, there are no problems, this is a great remix that I don´t hesitate to download. Star, you rule at this.

And now, just t-

Bummerdude, DUCK!


Quack, quack
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ok, so the intro is slightly questionable, going for a funky vibe I guess, but then the mix rounds out.

Kinda groovy, kinda orchestral, kinda adventure movie soundtrack. Like Bach meets disco meets Indiana Jones soundtrack, except it totally isn't like that. :<

wow, it's kinda hard trying to label this mix.

imho, it's too liberal. I checked this against the source and don't really think there's enough source tune in there.

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This one has aged very nicely. Cool, unique spin on Flash Man's theme with a lot of the trademark @StarBLaSt synths and funk he's great at. Wish it went in a more varied direction at around 2:50 when it retread the verse, but it was a creative interpretation to begin with, so it can bear the repetition. Nice changeup to the strings around 3:20; that's what I'm talking about. I hope Star hasn't stopped making music entirely. His personal site's only had one track added since 2010, and I know he's had to have come up with some many great ideas since then.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01187 - Mega Man 2 "When You See the Flash Man, Duck and Cover"

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