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  1. I'll be watching this thread, been living in my flat for two years and yet I've got walls left to decorate.
  2. Boomerang plant, ice cabbage, pea pod and fighter onion, eh? I'm already looking forward reading their descriptions. Sucks about being exclusive to Apple though, but being free certainly sounds nice too.
  3. Requesting to shorten Bummerdude to Bummer.
  4. I am somehow disappointed that some of the more important characters and villains are using legendaries and not more common pokémon. And if the samurai theme is supposed to be chronological, then why is Mewtwo there this doesn't make sense I HATE THIS GAME But yeah, it looks nice. But I performed tragically on my last tactic game, so odds are I won't be playing this one. But it seems like a bundle of nice art is going to come out of this!
  5. Rayman Hoodlum Havocs with improved and intelligent dialogues. I loved the enemies, environments and canned powers, but the childish conversations and comments scattered all over the place really makes it hard to take the game seriously. And then there's the usual about how it could have more enemies, more places, more powers, but I suppose they could save that for a sequel.
  6. If you find yourself quickly accelerating towards a solid surface, remember to bash the ground right before landing to neutralise your velocity. Everyone has their own menu. You just need to find your start button. Somewhere. I'm not evil. The guy controlling me is a douche.
  7. You cannot collect an item you dont have room for. Unless you already have on of that kind. Then you can totally cram another 90 pieces of it into your pockets. Any good citizen who doesn't lock the front door agrees to have his or her home thoroughly searched for items and other neat things. Sleep cures any abnormal status. Becoming a zombie? Just snooze your problems away!
  8. Didn't feel like drawing a labrador.
  9. Yeah I like that aspect as well. I'll try to keep my investigation of the new species to a minimum.
  10. I particularly enjoyed the part how hard it would be to 'recreate it' on your own.
  11. I have great expectations for broccoli chimp. Hopefully he'll become a fighter and be bustin' dem moves along with Breloom.
  12. I really should save more images. I have very little material to share.
  13. Thanks! I had planned for some better shading and a background, but I didn't manage time properly (read: heavy procrastination) Awesome to see that Malboros owned this month's contest.
  14. I thought the deadline was the 27th. I guess mine is kind of shaded, but not to the extent I wanted it to be. Shoot.
  15. Ffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuu this is really hard to choose. Very interesting theme though, I'm almost happy that I didn't know about it seeing as I am awful of drawing females. :V
  16. Just my new batch. The first one have queer colors and the middle is just image cropped, but I like my third one. :] and Showtime, I've added your siggies. Like your style. Furthermore, Red9, is that request still valid?
  17. Woo hoo made it to the TOP FOUR. and yeah, next theme go go go
  18. I decided to sit down and make my contribution. Took way less time compared to my previous FAC, but then I didn't vectorize the whole thing. Oh, and I chose Daxter. The games I'm currently playing have a great influx on my choice.
  19. Yeah, I read the thread and came to that point as well. Thanks for the help. A pity that the post window is now bright white.
  20. After checking this thread out, I installed everything to try it. I can easily picture myself using this from now and ever. If it weren't for this: I haven't read the entire thread yet, so I don't I know if it's already been brought up, but this alone makes posting rather difficult.
  21. is it done yet? is it done yet? is it done yet? is it done yet? is it done yet? is it done yet? cool video btw is it done yet? is it done yet?
  22. Don't drown yourself in work. Focus on either making a complete level with boss and obstacles, or just make a tutorial part where the player can jump, shoot and whatnot. Doing a lot of work only to end up with nothing in the end is something to be avoided. I'm eagerly looking forward whatever you create though!
  23. Bigger screens and lighter DS does sound appealing, but the sacrifice of the GBA slot will be troublesome for those with GBA games without an actual GBA console (like me :E ). Does the new games only work with DSi, or is a DS Lite just as good? I'd hate to buy a new DS for the sake of playing Chrono Trigger and 358/2 Days. Edit Good gracious mother of joysticks NO
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