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Beatdrop FM Podcast - The Drop (EPISODE *8* NOW AVAILABLE)


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Yeppers. Sorry for the delay in coming out with Episode 4, folks. Still adjusting to being back in Hawaii away from my one true love. Been really busy since I got back, but I should have an opportunity sometime in the next few days to record and post it. As always, keep your eyes peeled to my FaceBook, Twitter, and this thread for updates.

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Thanks, JadeAuto. :) I do what I can.

SO NOW. I have a question for all my listeners: what kinds of things do you want to see in this podcast? Interviews? Guest appearances? Call-ins? Hit me with your feedback, because I want to hear it.

Also, if there's any fellow producers out there paying attention to this thing, I'd love to have some user-created bumpers. If you're a musician, just make a bumper saying something like "This is <insert name here>, and you're listening to The Drop!" and I'll be sure to make use of it. Any bumpers can be emailed to beatdropNOSPAM@supernovatomic.com. Just take out the NOSPAM part ;)

In the meantime, yes! Let me hear your ideas.

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