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Super Turrican Stage 1-3 - "Final Revenge"

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I think the bass can use a little more snappy attack,.

I agree with that. The bass altogether sounds a little muddy. Boosts in the 800mhz-1khz range can bring out a little more attack in the bass where the fingering sound is.

Also, do you have a real time analyzer so you can see how your track is hitting frequencies in certain areas?

This is a shot of your song in the beginning: http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l265/Nubioso/RTA.jpg

You got a lot of build up in that 30-40Hz range from the bass. That next spike to the right of the line is at 80Hz and a lot of the other spikes are just harmonics of the bass. The main point that I'm getting at is that there's just too much bass and too much of it is in that really low muddy range. If you don't already, use a highpass on your bass up to 30 or 35Hz.

A kick drum can get a good smack at around 80Hz, where bass can generally rest a little below it at 60Hz, right around where the Low E hits.

Just some food for thought, other than that, get that sucker longer =P

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Oh nice, I don't know how I missed this the first time 'round. Anyways, source would be nice. Not sure what I'm listening to. This: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwaTdxHU4l8

My first thought is MOAR! at 1:55, I just want some length. *Insert mandatory commend about the 'ending wtf* here*

I'm not sure about the high accompaniment part that comes in at 1:00, it's so high it's hard to hear and what does come across is a little harsh. It seems to me like a thicker sound brought down a bit might work better. Since that's the same sound from the beginning, it might need to change there too. Not sure.

As far as length goes, because I asked for it, it's gotta be something either new or a different take of what you've got. IMO what you have is borderline too repetitive, so adding just more of the same puts it just over the edge. One of the things I like hearing (That I admittedly don't understand) is key changes. I'm okay in one key, and seeing the song go through different chords. Then a key changes and I go cross-eyed.

Another idea that comes to mind is using half time breaks and such, the main idea in this track is pretty short at this speed, so it might sound good played at half speed. This is pretty dependent on the source usually.

After hunting down the source, this may be a bit on the conservative side, so don't be afraid to play with it! :smile:

1:24-1:43 is pretty repetitive, too much so for my taste. I picture things maybe moving up or down an octave there? I don't know. That's an idea that looks good written out my I have no idea how it would sound. I just know that it's too repetitive there for me. (of course, for the purpose of review I've had the thing on loop for like 15 mins. So...)

hope this helps

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Ummmmm, not when the track ended mid progression lol. This track seems much better as far as levels are concerned. The kick might a tad too hot in the mix. The cymbals sound nice, but the hi hat might need a little boost. I did recognize that the guitars were real, but it took a while. I know it sucks to hear, but maybe you should re-record them with a little more variety (only leads, rhythm was fine). I find that turning the tone knob down to about about 4-7 on the guitar itself takes away a lot of the initial strike of the string, which is a big reason it sounds sequenced in some areas. Over-all not a bad track, just some good fine tuning on EQ and some attention to the leads will help a ton.

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