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Can You Hear This?


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Just did a quick test with a tone generator in Audition using 'comfortable listening' volume levels. Drops out at 17.7kHz in my left, 18.6kHz in my right. Tested with two sets of headphones and laptop speakers, same results. I'm 22.

...does it make a difference if I spent 2-3 (non-consecutive) hours at various clubs last night? :<

On a side note, I'm considering buying a few pairs of the ear plugs mentioned on the site. I've tried wearing earplugs at concerts before, but they've always altered the sound significantly. An earplug that just reduces the sound levels without muffling the sound seems like a worthwhile investment.

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Folks should also check their speaker/headphone capabilities after doing this test. Most have a range that only goes up to 20k. Though, folks in this community are more likely to have a better sound system that's capable of responding to those extremely high and low tones.

Also I say 'after' doing the test so you can see if you've really heard anything, or it's psychological. Since if your headphones can only go up to 20k and you're hearing all the way up to 22k, then... you might want to re-take the test and try randomizing the files with interspersed tracks of silence. KF

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I'm almost 25 and I can hear them all pretty easily. The TV is even on and it can hear them fine. I've always had sensitive ears though.

I played in band all through high school. In high school I did marching band, Jazz, and symphonic band. I listen to music everyday with headphones too. So my ears should be damaged, lol.

20 years old and I can hear to the max, which can explain why can at times struggle with insomnia unless I use ear plugs.

Ditto here.

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Ditto here, too. 20 and can hear to 22k in both ears, and high noises at night fuck me up.

I was *very* surprised and relieved considering how much I LOVED Korn in high school and would get the biggest damned headphones I could and keep my CD player at the max volume. That and growing up on Metallica's black album, which my dad would blair with the speaker literally inches from my right ear. That and how many metal concerts I've been to with no earplugs (I've since started using them). When I got my first ipod in high school, I hated it because it didn't get loud enough. Edit: Oh, and add to this list, I'm a gun-owner and shooter, and I don't use hearing protection when I shoot.


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