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  1. So, Capcom is backpedaling on the PC version's DRM. Apparently they will release a patch shortly after the game launches, to remove most of the limitations while playing offline. Details here.
  2. When my internet is down. (Which has happened a few times over the past year, for various reasons.) At work, where we are allowed to occasionally have a game night after work hours, but where the corporate network doesn't allow Games for Windows Live connections. When I'm playing on a laptop at a friends' place, where we just want to play some versus games instead of fidgetting with network settings. Or on a train or something.
  3. I haven't had much experience with Games For Windows Live, but this doesn't sound very good: The restriction to 15 characters seems pretty ridiculous. I'm planning to get the DLC version for XBox Live.
  4. In my (limited) experience, DOA4 online was so laggy it was unplayable. Honestly I'm just happy at how well recent Capcom fighters perform when playing them online, I feel that all other features are just gravy. Still, the lack of spectator mode is a huge disappointment and makes the lobby system kinda pointless. The matchmaking issues are bad but don't really bother me that much, since the game has fight request mode. I'm used to using that in SF4 and SSF4 as well and it still works fine here. Regardless of how good and fast the matchmaking is, I'd rather be playing single player than sitting around waiting and staring at menu screens. This time around you can even turn on fight request in training mode, it's awesome.
  5. A general rule of thumb about this game seems to be: "Whoever uses X-Factor last, wins." Just in case you didn't know: how long X-Factor lasts depends on how many of your characters are still alive when you activate it. If you use it when you only have one character left, it lasts twice as long as when you still have all three. Generally, I try to save X-Factor for my last character, unless there's a good reason not to (say, if it gets you the few extra hits to kill off your opponent's best character). I hadn't thought of it like that but that's a good point actually. When in the match to use X-Factor is also a pretty big "macro style" decision. Besides practicing a lot, I think another way to get better is to learn from better players by watching tournament replays and stuff. is entertaining but could also be kinda educational.Anyway I probably shouldn't be saying too much, I haven't been practicing nearly as much as I wanted to. Although I do feel like I am starting to get the hang of Zero's basic setups and combos. My team so far is Zero / Ryu / Wolverine. I'm not at all sure if that's a good choice so I'm open to criticism there. My reasoning is this: Zero: I used to be (still am I guess) a big Mega Man / Mega Man X fan, and I really like Zero in this game. He's also fun to play and seems pretty good so I really want to keep him on my team. Ryu: he's a pretty safe character choice whenever I'm starting with a new Capcom fighting game; he's in every game so I always know what to expect. I like his beam super but otherwise I think I'm not great with him. Wolverine: I liked rushing down with him in Marvel 2 so I'm pretty happy he's much stronger this time around. When I'm losing, my fallback plan is "go nuts with X-Factored Wolverine" and that tends to work out pretty well. I really need to learn some of his combos though. I haven't really given much thought to team synergy at all. I've been experimenting with swapping Viper in for Ryu, but my problem there is I keep confusing her off-the-ground super with Zero's since they're opposite input motions.
  6. Well, I can't really argue with that
  7. I still haven't been able to decide on a main team. Tonight I started playing with Viper a bit and I'm really liking her basic combos. Anyone see the on YouTube? Nearly every player had Sentinel on their team, but Justin Wong won the tournament, pretty much effortlessly, with Wolverine / Akuma / Storm. He barely even used Storm.
  8. This. Seriously, they realised they oversaturated the market. They're cancelling the series now, but I'd expect a great revival months or maybe a few years from now. It's probably brilliant marketing, too. Personally I don't care about the franchise either way.
  9. Can't wait for this game to finally come out. Official release date is next Friday over here, but I hope I'll have it before then. Depending on how good the online multiplayer is (it seems solid), I expect that I'll be playing this game quite a bit on the 360. Sentinel isn't the only character with 100% combos, especially if you include X-Factor. 100% combos don't necessarily have to break the game, there are three characters in a team after all. I'm still hopeful that Sentinel isn't too overpowered.
  10. I was still sort of on the fence about this game... but now that I've heard some of the soundtrack, I'm pretty sure I want to have this.
  11. As someone who never was much of a Sonic fan, this news is kinda funny to me. On the other hand, I actually liked Secret Rings, and I still kinda want to play Dark Brotherhood. I guess I'd better get it fast, or not at all.
  12. Tinus

    Halo Reach

    I thought you only played fighting games JHawk I probably won't be getting Reach anytime soon. I enjoyed ODST for a bit, but I'm just not much of a Halo fan.
  13. Tinus

    Metroid: Other M

    Finally got the game, but I haven't been able to play it yet. Most of the time when I insert the disc, the Wii will just refuse to read it. I had the same problem with Metroid Prime Trilogy, but it's way worse now. Funny thing is, I don't have any trouble with other dual-layered discs like Brawl. Anyway, after like fifteen minutes of trying it finally spinned up and... prompted me for a Wii System Update. After which the Wii had to be rebooted and the disc wouldn't spin up again. Apparently in some cases this can be fixed by unplugging the Wii for a couple of minutes, and otherwise I guess I'll have to try a lens cleaning kit. I hope either of those will fix my problem since the warranty on my system must have run out by now. --- Also: I'm pretty sure that's not the reason people are complaining. Even though the Zero Suit's new high heels are kinda stupid. Adam is her former employer. The only reason she's obeying his orders in Other M is out of "respect" for him. Which is just dumb.
  14. It's a little more complicated than that obviously. One-on-one a mutalisk would defeat a colossus just like a corruptor will, but corruptors DEVESTATE them so much faster. Especially if you have a ground-heavy army and the protoss opponent has some colossi among its other army units, you're going to want to get rid of the colossi as quickly as you can and corruptors are your best bet in that situation. Well, sure. But on the other hand in most games you don't have time to get all different types of units, so you're going to have to make choices. Those choices had better be influenced by what your opponent is doing.
  15. Tinus

    Metroid: Other M

    That is what I meant, yes. I didn't mind it so much when I first played it, but it did get pretty annoying by the end of the game. The control scheme in Fusion and Zero Mission worked so much better, that Super Metroid is hard to go back to now.
  16. From what I hear Corruptors are also the best counter against Colossi.
  17. Tinus

    Metroid: Other M

    Also having to switch between weapons using Select was really annoying.
  18. Tinus

    Metroid: Other M

    Yeah that was awesome. I actually didn't even mind the additional dialogue in Metroid Prime 3 so much. With all the references to the Federation in the series, it made sense to finally show Samus meeting up with some actual living people in it. And all of those scenes are at the very beginning and near the end of the game, the rest is still good old solo exploration. Of course some people are saying the same is true for Other M, so hey maybe it won't be so bad.
  19. Tinus

    Metroid: Other M

    I have a bad feeling about Samus' characterisation in Other M. I just watched a cutscene where she meets Ridley on YouTube, and without spoiling anything, I really think her behaviour in that scene was very un-Samus-like. All the long monologes are nothing new, since there were also a few in Fusion, but I do feel the Metroid series doesn't need them to convey the story. Still, I want to play the game before making any judgments, and the new gameplay mechanics do seem interesting, so I guess I'm still going to get this game.
  20. Went to GamesCom today. I was hoping to catch a glimpse of Marvel vs Capcom 3, but Capcom didn't have a booth there at all. It seems like they only did a press event on Thursday and nothing else. (Still had a great time at GamesCom though )
  21. He probably doesn't like playing against El Fuerte. I get that. At first I hated fighting Abel, it was incredibly frustrating for me. Then I started playing a few games as Abel, which helped tremendously in understanding him and finding his weaknesses. Now I enjoy both playing as and against him
  22. I'm familiar with this song, it's pretty great. Never expected to see it on OCR. Seeing this remix here actually prompted me to search for some more of Hyadain's works and discovered of my favourite theme from FF5. I don't understand the words but otherwise it's great
  23. I'd be interested in an OCR tournament, but I won't be able to play most of you due to the ridiculous region locking. I doubt there are enough OCR StarCrafters in Europe to hold a separate tournament. I finished the campaign on Normal. I've been playing a few quick 1v1 matches online and I'm actually doing better than I'd expected. Ended up in Silver. 2v2 (or more) matches with friends are still a lot more fun though.
  24. Tinus


    Definitely an expensive game considering the length, but I think I'm still glad I got it. Pretty unique atmosphere and some fun puzzles. I'll probably replay it for the achievements some time.
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