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Superman: The Last Family of Krypton

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What if Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van had a rocketship big enough to save themselves along either infant son Kal-El? What if they also went to Earth?

There's a new 3-issue Elseworlds mini-series that DC is putting out this August that runs with that premise.

Solicitation on DC's Site

Interview with Cary Bates, the writer

I love Superman stories that examine and spin the origin in interesting ways (like Red Son). This should be pretty exciting.

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Those tend to be the Superman stories I love as well. I like the character in general but I find so many writers have trouble writing him consistently well that I tend to stay away from the monthly stuff.

I'm interested to see more on this but can't say I'm overly familiar with Bates work. It's probably colouring my opinion somewhat that the largest body of work he did was during an age of comics that I'm not overly fond of from a writing stand point (not that there weren't some great ideas back then, I just find it hard to get into the way things tended to be written back then). I won't be discounting it out of hand though since I think it's a cool idea and look forward to seeing how it goes. I may check out the reviews before I jump into this one, but it has potential.

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