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What are you playing right now?

The Dual Dragons

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I'm trying to decide whether he's calling P3 a bad game or calling the PSP a bad system and neither option is making me happy :whatevaa:
or that he's dissing all handheld games which makes me even less happy >:\

You! Don't be so tetchy!

Ok, I should have said "...even more enjoyable...". But you should know I don't have anything against the Persona series, and the PSP is hardly worse in screen size than other handhelds (they're all tiny!). And no, I don't have anything aside from that against handhelds.

I was poking you for getting right back into the game you sank 100+ hours to beat! Enhanced remake or not, I can't imagine diving right back into weeks more of the same. Or, if you insist on Persona-ing, play P2:IS like I keep pushing!

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Now you're just toying with me...

Actually, I know you mean P1. That's one I'll never get around to, but the P1 cast has cameos in P2:IS and a decent hand in P2:EP, so if/when you play those you'll probably get a kick out of seeing them again (and catching inside jokes and such that rely on knowledge of their backstories). For instance, Mary's job in P2 is hilarious when you know what role she played in P1 (yes, I cheated and read a plot summary).

Oh, hi thread.

CV: Circle of the Moon. I seem to be taking a shine to these castletroids after all. Now, if I could just find a copy of AoS...

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Now you're just toying with me...

Okay, to be perfectly honest, I hadn't even looked up videos of P2 but wow, it looks so much more playable than P1.

good grief

also I can finally appreciate the references in P3 though when you're playing Innocent Sin Online and your MC chooses the screenname 'tatsuya'

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Ha, yeah. First-person perspective dungeons? How early-80's nostalgic!

Well color me ignorant: you can re-firmware that bad boy and play PS1 games. That explains some things. Tracking now.

I suppose I should wish you potentially good gaming?

I think Game & Watch has more frames of animation than Nathan Graves.

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