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What are you playing right now?

The Dual Dragons

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Amplitude < the original (and far superior) guitar hero

FF7 challenge run (solo cloud)

Worms Armageddon for old times sake

Modern Warfare 2 (intermittently with my buds)

The Misadventures of PB Winterbottom

Dragon Age (getting boring)

My brother has been collecting N64 games so I've been playing a lot of the following:

Mario kart

Smash bros

Mario Tennis

Diddy Kong Racing


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TRYING to play the Sims 3, and failing because none of my custom content will load no matter what I do :/

I've used "decrapifiers" on my files

Patched and not patched the games

Made sure I was an administrator and changed UAC settings

Read dozens of tutorials and threads related to this problem

Installed them in bulk, or one by one

Made sure to only download CC that is newer and works

God, EA made this game so confusing...

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Open Office on my new beastly MacBook Pro, you should see how it renders text pages, soooo sweet! In all seriousness though I haven't played anything since the Halo:Reach beta and even then that was for a few hours. Anybody have any suggestions as to what I can play once I finish my classes on Thursday? I like FPS, action/adventure games.

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Lately I have been playing;

Dragon Age: Origins (Bioware finally patched it, yay!)

Modern Warfare 2

Left 4 Dead 2 Mutations

Borderlands (when I'm in the mood to continue my missions on Playthrough 2)

And right now, I'm downloading the beta for LEGO Universe. Finally got my beta key, so I am rather excited to start playing.

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