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OCR02197 - *YES* Pokémon Red Version 'Out of Antidote'

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Remixer: Cerrax

Real Name: Charles Koch

Website: http://www.cerrax.com

User ID: 17461

Game Remixed: Pokemon Red/Blue

Song Remixed: Viridian Forest

Hey guys. This is a track from the Pokemon Project "The Missingno Tracks".

Ever since I first played Pokemon, I've been somewhat terrified of the Viridian Forest. I mean, the song's creepy, there's all those poison pokemon in there...it's just not a happy place. So I wanted to evoke that sort of unsettling aspect of the setting in the remix. Then Prophet of Mephisto had a great idea of calling the remix "Out Of Antidote" and the song took on a whole new approach as some kind of bad acid trip via the poison from the pokemon in the forest.

So eat some mushrooms or LSD and listen to this and tell me how it goes :P




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This is pretty great, but the kick is all sub and needs some punch, (except for the breakdown near the end) IMO. If you guys agree, we should just email Cerrax and have him update it, the track seems pretty solid to me otherwise.

Cool arrangement, creepy and mysterious, with well chosen synths, and some good sense of sound space. The drums are just pretty weak.

Yes (conditional?)

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Very close for me. I like the trippiness concept of it, suits the source, but you could have gone much further with effects. There were a few times where it just felt like a bunch of synths that were on the plain side, and applying some phasing, flanging, short delay, or other effects would have made it much more interesting. The lead synth and the loud mid-range synth that get used in the 0:22 and repetitions of that section are the big culprits - that section was especially weak as a result. In contrast, sections like 0:44 just sound a lot cooler, weirder, and better balanced. You've also got a lot of instruments crowding the low end and the drums could have gotten more space with some EQ usage and better balancing. The upright bass was an inspired addition, I'd like to point out.

I think this is one more revision away from a pass. Sorry Cerrax.

NO (resubmit)

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Ouch, there is some sort of shimmer effect at a reaaaallly high frequency, and it actually hurts my ears in headphones. o_O

I agree about the crowded low range here (with the exception of that shimmer effect, obviously). It could have definitely been filled out more. But whatever, production's still pretty solid overall. I don't mind the lack of extra effects - cool arrangement, cool concept. This isn't the sort of song I'd listen to for fun, but I'm sure the Pokemon fans would appreciate it more.


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