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OCR02054 - *YES* Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages 'Essence of Lime'


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ReMixer name: Hylian Lemon

Real name: Benjamin Hoffman

Email address: hylianlemon@gmail.com

Forum userid: 7304

ReMix title: Essence of Lime

Game arranged: The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

Songs arranged: Introduction, Title Screen

(technically it only uses the intro and the beginning of the title

screen, which I've always considered part of the intro anyway, but I

thought I'd play it safe...you guys can make the call)

Comments: This is the first track I started for the album project of

the same name. I originally wanted to try something along the lines of

Paper Mario, but I ended up going more of a chiptuney route. Hopefully

I've still captured some of the epic quirkiness I'd intended.

If this happens to get judged before the project's release and it gets

accepted, keep it on hold, please!



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Add this link for source material as well:


Will vote later...

All right, let's see.

Sources just to make sure we're all on the same page here:

Intro (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQ0LG_B9SDo)

Title (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnIkwi2Uks4)

Source usage breakdown:

0:00-0:27 - Pretty obvious arrangement of the beginning of the intro

0:34-0:48 - Corresponds to 0:18-0:22 of the intro

0:58-1:01 - Corresponds to 0:24-0:27 of the intro

1:08-1:12 - Background stuff is from 0:36 of intro

1:15-1:25 - Another take on the beginning of the intro

1:53-2:03 - Beginning of title

2:03-2:52 - stuff from 0:36 of intro

2:13-2:17 - Another short version of the beginning of the intro

2:17-2:23 - the Zelda theme part of the title

2:24-2:37 - Corresponds to 0:38-0:59 of intro

2:13-end - Beginning of title

Haha. Sorry, by "2:13-end" I meant "3:13-end." Just rushing before I have to leave.

Okay, I've had a chance to sit down with this and look at the breakdown, and things check out fine. I've got to say that I found the intro source to be less than stellar, so the fact that I'm enjoying this mix attributes towards Ben's skill level. The arrangement is very energetic and driving, despite being a bit disjointed in a couple of sections (again, the fault of the source more than the arranger). The combinations of more natural elements and the chip stuff was pretty smooth, and I liked that there were decent speed variations and dynamics throughout.


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I had some very minor differences for 1 or 2 attributions, but Benjamin's is more accurate I'd bet, so it's neither here nor there. There was also some loose connections to the classic Zelda theme from 1:25-1:39 that he also didn't count, so it's all good. Source usage wasn't an issue once we had the breakdown to connect everything from A to B.

Props on coaxing the musicality out of these themes. If anyone thinks the arrangement is scattershot, it IS, but that's because the structure of the source tunes, particularly the intro, are the same way. I thought some of your other non-chip tracks on the album could have been further polished, but the potential is clearly there and you're way ahead of the pack. As I said in #j, if you keep at it, you'll be consistently putting out high quality stuff without thinking. This is a great debut, bro, keep 'em coming!


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Ben's Seiken Densetsu 3 mix was a pet mix of mine even though it didn't pass the panel - I'm really a fan of his style. This mix is even more creative and better executed than that one. The blend of the willowy, organic textures and the chippy, electronic stuff is wonderful. The melody is not pronounced yet this is still a very spirited, lifting song. As far as ways to improve, the flow could be better, but no transition is ever jarring. I also might have brought the beat out a little more, but that's it.

Source seems to check out, I also heard that quote of the main Zelda theme that Larry did. Definitely a YES, glad to pass this song.


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