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OCR02183 - *YES* Super Mario Galaxy 'Gusty Piano in a Garden'

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Remixer Name: Squint

Real Name: Hai

Game Arranged: Super Mario Galaxy for Wii

Song Arranged: Wind Garden (Theme for "Gusty Garden Galaxy")

Additional Information: Mahito Yokota, original composer.

This is my first submission to the site. I've been a long time fan, have downloaded many a remix over the past several years, and have admired many remixers for their skills and creative works on some awesome game music. I've always been a fan of game music and arranging, but have only just now come into the ability to make something and send it to you guys electronically.

This is a piano piece that I did shortly into my run with jazz piano lessons, so I tried incorporating some chords that I had never, ever used before in all my life as a classical musician. It's nothing crazy, by any means, but with the strict classical background that I've got, it was pretty different for me. It still probably has more of its roots in the classical realm, but it's a start.

I pretty much followed the original piece one time through, using different chords here and there and adding melodic decorations in certain places. At about the 2:15 mark, I decided to switch it over to triple meter, a sort of jazz waltz style. Somewhere around the end, I also tried to sneak in a small nod to the original Mario theme.

Anyway, I hope you guys like it, and if you have any suggestions at all, I'm very welcome to criticism. It should be noted that amongst other remixers, I think the person who has inspired me most is Klutz, who has done a variety of piano arrangements of some of my favorite videogame pieces. If you hear anything else from me, it will most likely be in a semi-jazzy piano style, as I'd like to try to build a collection of such pieces, sort of the way Klutz had done with his "in Piano" series.


Gusty Garden Galaxy

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I really applaud you going for that jazzier sound. The harmonic choices you made really make this piece stand out for me. Gusty Garden is my favorite song in Super Mario Galaxy and it's nice to hear those unexpected harmonies.

The performance is excellent; great timing, great dynamics. I love the interchange between the left and right hand parts; nice to hear something that isn't just arpeggios in the left. That heavy swing section is just what this piece needed to stay fresh.

Simply fantastic. Hope to hear more from you.

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My only, and this is a small one at that, complaint is that when the jazz kicks in, the song is almost over! I really like what you've done here with the melody, and this was a very enjoyable listen. Your playing ability is very apparent here, and you aren't afraid to add some style. I like the risks you took with the chords, and honestly, nothing felt out of place.

I will look forward to hearing more songs from you, hopefully you develop that jazz style a little more and can pull out a longer arrangement for us next time.


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I thought the piano sounded just a little too dry for my personal bias, but it was still very nice. There are some very bold colors in the new chords which was jarring at first, since i'm so used to the original, but I found them to be good surprises. Playing was great, good dynamics and flow, and a good ending. The instrumentation is sparse, but the ideas within are more than strong enough to hold up.


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Good personalization of the source, especially like the jazzy chords thrown in there. Very slick. The production wasn't all that, the piano had no stereo width at ALL and it was a bit dry and fuzzy. With some better recording this would be one of the sexiest piano mixes on site.

While the production leaves some to be the desired I think it just about weighs up for it in the arrangement, really spectacular one.Keep up the good work but check out how to stereo mic your piano to get some width and clarity :)


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I thought the piano sounded just a little too dry for my personal bias, but it was still very nice.

This was a criticism that I thought was pulled back from what it should have been. The piano sound was MIDI-riffic and stilted to the point where it should not have been approved. I've heard Bladiator present much, much better execution with this same type of palette, and this just doesn't present anything arrangement or performance wise that overcomes such weak sound quality. I hate to sound like I'm shitting on the whole package, because that's clearly not the case, and again, there's no doubt we've passed many mixes with flaws. Nonetheless, the request should have made to have this resampled before it was posted. The sound's not up to par compared with other mixes that have had weaker samples.

NO (refine/resubmit)

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