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ORC 132 - Sacharine over the clouds


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- The Original Remixing Competition -


Welcome to ORC132.

Source Material


Nase - Sacharine over the clouds - MIDI MP3


Good luck everyone.


18th July Midnight US East Coast


The contest is a monthly contest so the deadline is programmed to be the 3rd sunday of the month. Voting stage will follow till the 4th sunday of the month. Next context will start again the first of the next month.

The Quick Rules Rundown

Step 1 -Submission:-

1. Anyone can enter regardless of your remixing ability.

2. Filesize is limited to 8 meg.

3. You may only enter one piece. but can collab on a second one.

4. When you've finished your entry, post it in the compo tha sauce system. HERE.

5. You may submit your piece as a MIDI, MP3 or OGG file.

Step 2 -Vote:-

Voting will be done via Thasauce. Voting stage will last 1 week from the 18th to the 25th Midnight .

Important:Don't vote for yourself (and in a case of a 1vs1 don't vote at all)

About the comment:

You are now allowed to comment anytime EXCEPT during the voting stage..

that mean that once a mix is posted, you can feedback it, until the submission process is over. Remixer are able to fix/enhance it until the deadline. The date in the PM/Email will be used to upload the most recent one.

About a draw in the result:

It happen sometime. Both remixer are still officially Winner, but i'll ask the remixer with the less "Win" to send me his song.

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heh, that's a weird title, copy-pasta'd from my description blurb. granted, the tune was lacking a proper name...

how about 'Saccharine Delirium' or something :)

anyway, the tune is part of a failed OST for a cellphone game. thought i'd provide you with the 2.6 mb sample set i made the tracks with (in sf2 format):


have fun!

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  • 2 weeks later...
thing is, back in the day there always was some kind of feedback, even if it just amounted to 'tune sucks' or 'can't come up with any idea'. this however...


I entered the previous ORC because I heard the melody of the song and thought: "that would sound perfect with __blank__ and __blank__ changes."

This round, I listened to the original song and no such ideas came to mind. and so... :\

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Alright, got mine up. It's going to be tough - I think both of the mixes are pretty good, here.

Can't wait for the results - great job on yours, Divine Wrath :nicework:.

Oh, and you don't get the 'I KILLED ORC BADGE', Nase. Sorry - I know you were looking forward to it :P.

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Um... lol, I guess I called it, earlier. Both mixes were really great.

So much so that they got the exact same score :P.

I think Divine wrath gets the source, though, according to the rules. If I'm wrong (or he wants me to post one) then let me know - I had something neat in mind for the next round :)

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I think that's the rule for PRC. I don't know if the rule posted is dated, but the rule Doulifée posts on every compo is...

About a draw in the result:

It happen sometime. Both remixer are still officially Winner, but i'll ask the remixer with the less "Win" to send me his song.

He'll post in here and/or send us a PM, if he wants each of us to send a source, so I'm not going to worry about it.

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just dropping by to say that while i forgot to vote, i enjoyed both entries; still, my vote probably would've resolved the draw to gario's advantage. i'm just a sucker for chip stuff, especially liked the arpeggiated madness bits in there.

the jazzy chillness of divinewrath's offering still was a welcome departure.

bots tunes felt more like a jam than a completely realised song, but that didn't stifle my enjoyment too much. i think a common problem with my tunes is that they're not too open for reinterpretation as they often rely on other things than a strong basic motif. very different to analoq's old midis, for example, which are also excellent tutorials for basic song construction. very easy to work with.

anyway, well done to both contestants! let the next round commence!

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DAMN... I knew it. Ah well, there's always the next compo :)!!

I got to admit mine sort of WAS a jam, since I wrote it in response to the lack of participants on the last day, there. Glad you liked it, though - chippy goodness needs more representation around these parts :P.

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