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Zero Wing- Natols (Updated 1-17-11)

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How was everyone's holiday weekend?

This is a big day for me, not only did I see a bunch of great SONIC THE HEDGEHOG remixes when I logged in but after several years of listening to great work on this site I finally got a project up to nearly listenable quality!

A couple of things before we begin. First as you should be able to tell, my mixing abilites are somewhere in the range of Non-existant to Amatuer. If you have any Freq suggestions I am open to them!

Second, I am hoping (after getting some feedback) to add a guitar duel in the next section which I am currently in planning for. This first part is mostly the Natols BGM played by guitars verbatim.

I used EW:Ministry of Rock and Steven Slate Drums for this one.

Any Feedback/Input/Flames are appreciated as always! Enjoy this first part of almost music.

I may have made it a bit too loud so please turn your speakers down before loading it. :<

Click here to listen to Zero Wing-Natols (Update 1-17-11)

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you know, zero wing really had no name at all, at least in the US until some of the original OCR'rs got a hold of it and turned it into a joke those many years ago. but it never changed the fact that it's a great game. and the soundtrack was not half bad either. This sample was more than enough to whet my appetite for possibility. I can't give any details at this time.It wouldn't do any good at this point as I'm sure you will change it several times before smiling at what you feel is complete and ready to submit. But I will keep an eye on it, I hope you'll give us updates as they come, and I will certainly have an opinion closer to finalization. But for now, be satisfied with a "hmm, interesting"

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Sorry about the lack of updates. I am a notoriously slow producing musician with a bad case of Bruckner Syndrome. :neutral:

What I have now is a more complete work that is in desperate need of some feedback (and fresher ears).

This time I've posted two versions. One is a premixed version the other is mixed. Please compare the two and let me know how my Mixing and "Mastering" (if you can call it that with me) skills are coming along.

As always feedback is always appreciated.



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I'm really diggin this arrangement, but I will say that production is a big problem right now. The whole track needs a 4-5 Db boost (which is quite a bit) and the high-mids sound really weird throughout, and the guitar patches sound very "fuzzy". The rhythm guitars have too much low end and not enough body. I was a huge fan of the breakdown at 2:47, but the fade out leading into sounded pretty shoddy and took away some of the awesomeness. The more I listen, the more I love the composition, and hate the production. All that said, you may not give up on this track. Fix it, and then post it back up here so we can enjoy it. I'm sure you can get production help from many of the talented ppl here, so you should ask if you have questions about dynamics processing and EQ. I can't wait to hear the revised edition :smile:

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Hey everyone at OCremix. I've updated an older remix of mine for your listening pleasure.

UPDATE: I took out the crap improv-ed mid section so this is no longer a guitar battle by at least someone's standards and replaced it with a more upbeat metal section. There are a couple of things that I am still learning to do production wise and once I get it down another update will follow.

Thanks for listening.

Click here to listen to Zero Wing-Natols

Oh yea, a big MOVE ZIG to everyone.

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First off, i'll list cool things. Cool arrangment, high energy and rock bias are really making me like this. for what it is, its not bad at all, surprisingly listenable by my high standards considering the production so great work there...

Ok, so... what this needs: is a real guitar. Depends what you are going for really, but if you want to shoot for ocr, you are going to need some realistic sounds, and electric guitar is pretty much impossible to sequence realistically (the closest i've heard to real is impact SoundWorks Shreddage) but guitar lead sequencing i've never heard done realistically. So thats something to think about.

Regarding the other samples, bring up the snare and the bass in the mix, and the bass needs bringing up, as that will provide a strong thump in your mix if you get the guitar/bass relationship right.

There are some people on ocr who work every well with collab partners to help their music realise their full potential. I'd get some ocr guitarist to collab with you on this who would help you boost the production of your mix.

As far as arrangment goes, it doesn't get boring, can't say if its ocr quality judging from the fact I don't know the source, but if you ask someone who plays guitar to help you out here, your mix will probably go through the ROOF :D

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I would be more than willing to play real guitars for this track. However, I wouldn't have my hands on an late 80s/Early 90s Marshall JCM900 and killer mics till late February or early march.

If you would be willing to wait a while and could send me the sheet music and or tab for this, metal is my area of expertise so to speak, I will give you real guitar playing and if you so desire, shredding so awesome you'll shoot flames out your freakin' ears.

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