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Metroid - Ridley themes orchestrated (2010 last update!)

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The Favs gave some very useful advice, before I do another mod evaluation I'd like to hear you possibly incorporate some of that feedback if you'd like. I did a precursory listen and this version sounded much improved, but since you've got a set of feedback waiting for you to evaluate I'd like to hold off on my crits until you make any of those fixes.


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It's been a while but I worked on other mixes. So... Ridley returns! :)

Features : extra bass (cool French horns and Double basses) added, changes during the "Lower Norfair" breakdown-thing part, extended version of "Ridley Confrontation" and better production. It's a 4:50-long piece now!

Feedback will be very appreciated, this one is so close to be finished! :) Enjoy!


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I will see what I can do, with my drunken antics. Really this is a nutritious thing. he's all into the orchestral thing. I'm more of a 'these are my opinions' kinda guy. Also, most of the left ear of these cans don't work right. I'll still see what I can do with this.

The snare that you're using for the largest portion of this is too harsh and piercing, I'm speaking of that heavy backbeat. I like that you have something up front. But it's too much. Consider like a snare with a heavy echo effect there. Something to really help with the ambiance. That that you have there now is just loud, with no redeeming qualities.

Consider changing some of the 16th notes on the drum set to ghost notes or light hits. It's almost overpowering that section right after it comes in from the 16th notes. (they're fine in position, just make em ghosts)

Tone down the 16ths on the bass at 3:25 ish. This isn't really a drum and bass track that needs that sort of double bass feel. It's a more orchestral track. If you want presence there, think of low strings and brass to bring that up. The genera swapping isn't really working there.

This track has got a lot of neat ideas in it, now it's just a matter of making them mesh together.

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I agree that when you have really quiet leads like the flute playing, the snare really needs to be brought back a bit so those melodies can be more audible. The same goes for your double bass in the last minute of the song, those need to be brought down a notch or compressed some so they'll fit better into the sound field. I do like the fatter sound you're getting out of your drums overall though, it's definitely an improvement. The closing note is pretty weak, you could definitely find a more powerful stab to end the song with.

The orchestration and arrangement is pretty spotless though, I'd say if you can work out the last few kinks in your drums and the ending, this should be good to go :-) Great work improving this one, it's come a loooong way!

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Low strings at the start need some direction to the line to keep it interesting. Some small hairpins on a few of the sustained notes, and a tiny crescendo to build intensity towards the next note in the line.

Don't overdo it.

The f jabs in the strings (example - 1:08, 1:16) are not as good as they could be. Some things to try: making it slightly shorter, make it a fp, or instead put a bit of a crescendo near the end.

1:25 - Having the trumpet drop a bar sounds puts them at odds with the bass pattern. It's not bad, it just sounds...off.

2:05 - This is a great section. Minor request: make the low horns slightly more prominent.

2:37 - This would be a great place to add a heavy handed version of the quarter note line, played by trombones in the lower portion of their register.

3:25 - Bass drum is still too loud. Drum-set in general is a bit much from here to the end.

Keep up the good work!

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I haven't listened to this in quite a while. Intro is sounding a lot better than I remember, so props there.

The stabs on the right ear (cellos?) felt distracting starting at :37, since they're doubling the lower instrument notes, but being stabs instead of legato. I guess it's an arrangement choice, though, so it's up to.

Hmm, I like the idea of bringing a kit with the orchestra, but it doesn't sound like it's meshing well with the orchestra. The snare especially sounds like it's muffled (lack of high-end eq). I've had this problem many times in trying to combine drums with orchestra, so I've dealt with it a lot. If you'd like some more specific help on this, please hit me on pms.

Feels like this is missing some elements to back things up in certain sections. Like 1:36 & 1:51. Have you tried adding a bass to fill things out a bit? Either that, or some other orchestra support would help, I guess, it just sounds like these sections are half developed.

Really bad pumping/clipping at 3:47. I understand you're trying to get it loud here, but it's just getting squashed. Gotta bring things down, make sure your mastering compression chain is in order, then bring up some elements to make sure they don't get killed.

4:28 - 4:38 felt like it should be the climax of the song, but it honestly felt weak. The drum fills weren't really providing energy and there wasn't enough support for the main orchestra hits to make it sound exciting. This is a hard thing to explain or to fix, but hopefully you can look at the drum writing as well as orchestra writing here and flesh it out.

You've got some good ideas and writing here, so keep at it. I generally focus on the negative to give crits, so I can imagine I'd come off as not liking anything, which is definitely not the case here.

Good luck to you.

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