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"Bad Manors" Merlee's Mansion (Super Paper Mario)


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This is a remix of Merlee's Mansion, which was one of those songs that just stuck in my head months after playing Super Paper Mario. It's a strange take on the theme, incorporating electronic elements with a cinematic twist.

It is tentatively finished at this point, and I'm just looking for critiques and opinions before I consider submitting it.

Thanks for your time!

Bad Manors v1


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I'm rather surprised nobody's critiqued this, considering how the song sounds. And by that, I mean it sounds great. It is a great shame that more people aren't remixing Super Paper Mario, because it probably had better music than either of its predecessors (though it had a different style). I guess Wii music is a little intimidating.

Your variations on the theme are quite catchy, though one of the drums in the drum set kind of stands out from the rest of the instruments, and can cover other parts up. I'm not familiar with the drums on a drum set, but it is in the right ear where this happens. Sounds very similar to a snare drum.

The marimba at the end was a stellar add, though I was disappointed it just kinda vanishes.

I'm hardly an authority on what's judge-review ready and what isn't, but this song is certainly up to par with some of the other songs already on OverClocked ReMix. It might need a bit of oomph to make it stand out, though, because in comparison to others of its style it is pretty standard. And by oomph, I don't mean that drum.

Hope that helps, and whether you submit it for reviews or keep working on it, good luck! And great choice in Merlee's Mansion, that was one of the best from the game.

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I was a little worried this thread would roll off the list without any replies...

I'll tweak the drums as best I can (I see whaht you mean about it sticking out a bit). The production side is, as always, my weakness, and I have a tendency of ignoring issues unless someone else points them out.

Thanks again! I appreciate the feedback.

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First let me say I love the title! Brilliant pun. Onto the music...

Really there's not much I have an issue with here apart from the drums - that snare has to be changed as it's ruining my enjoyment of the excellent arrangement you have going on here. I'd almost be inclined to say there's too much decay on that kick drum too, as it seems just a tiny bit intrusive, but this could probably be fixed by just turning the volume of it down a touch.

It's a really interesting track that just needs a few volume changes and a new snare, and it'll be outstanding.

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i might hold off on submitting this just yet. it's much too similar to the original, and as a standalone piece of music, it doesn't really work.

it's confusing to listen to, really. the sounds you've chosen seem almost random, and they don't fit together. technically, there is nothing wrong with the production, but it's very flat and dry. aside from some panning, there's no real sense of space. it's all very in your face. the drums are somewhat mechanical, and could benefit from some EQ/compression. i suppose it could be stylistic preference, but given the general mishmash of sounds, i don't know what style that would be exactly.

structurally, it seems very flat. i haven't done an exact side-by-side comparison, but it sounds nearly identical. any potential for remixing that exists in the original doesn't come from the its structure. it may make sense in the context of the game, but as a piece of music it's meandering, the shifts are jarring, and it simply doesn't make a lot of sense on its own.

sorry if that came off too harsh. basically i think what you have is a decent foundation to work from. the next step would be coming up with an arrangement to make it your own.

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I have to agree that as a standalone piece, it doesn't work. It IS a great start, though, and I believe you can push this track way beyond what you have now. It's very chaotic at times and that doesn't suit the track: it should be creepy, not chaotic. Nevertheless I'm quite surprised by this WIP :)

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I like the feel of this ReMix. Here's my feedback:

- It doesn't exactly go anywhere. Maybe some other Super Paper Mario songs can be incorporated into the piece.

- The highest note that synth bass plays at the start is a bit sharp, although that is masked when many other instruments are playing. If you can, please fine tune the bass so it is, say, 1/5th of a semitone lower.

- Good ending, but the marimba keeps playing after the rest of the instruments. Was that put in intentionally?

- I don't have any problem with the drums: I like them the way they are now.

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