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OCR01245 - Final Fantasy Adventure "Begin the End of the Beginning"


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on another note... maybe next summer (when i have time for music)... FFA remix project?? : D


I'm all for it :)

By then, hopefully I'll have mastered a couple of the techniques my mix showes I could improve upon ;)

Seriously, though. This game has one of the best soundtracks I've ever heard. And I'm not talking about Sword of Mana. I'm talking about the original FFA. It definitely should warrent a "project".

Yes! I would donate $50 to OCR if it hosted an FFA remix project! I'd suggest staying true to the order of tracks in Let Thoughts Ride on Knowledge because it already has nice transitions, but you'd have to add in the missing songs like the second overworld music.

Oh and Transdecimal is right, Julius actually does help boy through the Marsh Cave, much like how Megatron helped the Maximals into his citadel so he could take command over Cybertron once again.

Nice parallel with Transformers, but I thought that that man in da cave was actually good, then at wendel he´s in town, says hallo, and when he comes to help again, he got backired outside by Julius. Or something like it.

And YES I´m also for a project of this game. It has some real cool music, I just cleared it 5 minutes ago so I know. I may not need to donate 50 bucks, maybe 10 since there are like 15 tracks in total I think.

Finally to the remix. Loved it.

I liked the beginning, very touching and calm with that marimba sounding instrument. FFA is a little mysterious, and then it all builds up to go over into a techno...No, trance,...Aww come on Xelebes, what are ya gonna call it. I just says techno-inspired piano arrangement, it fits fer me.

Ah, yes, the piano, very beautiful, I liked it very mucho, and for the overall feel to the remix, I liked it too. Maybe not that battle between that betrayed friend and Manahero mood that I expected, but I guess this goes for that too.

To sum it all up, it was awesome. For all those that got time to read through all this, DOWNLOAD IT!

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Getting back in the mood for FFA for some reason I decided to revisit this remix. This seriously sounds like it came from the movie Blood Sport especially with those panning drums in the intro. Lots of variation and also this plays on alot of the themes from the game. The mix def keeps a good pace and feel the entire time. The build ups and breakdowns and thoughtfully done. Def good stuff.

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BGC is one of my favorite artists, and so many of his remixes are REALLY good, so it was hard to pick my favorite of all. But I think this remix edges out "In Your Prime" for my #1 favorite BGC mix. FFA was pretty much the first action RPG I ever played, and like the fifth game I ever played, too, and after all these years, I STILL have the original cartridge and give it a quick play-through every six months or so. The musical score is sooooooo overlooked, it's not even funny - so imagine my jaw drop when I found that there were this many stellar remixes from two stellar artists all on the same website! The source tune for this remix is simply amazing, but this remix... oh, geez, this remix... it's better than the original. It captures all the emotion and amplifies it exponentially, and the sheer engineering of the song is amazing. It's just awesome.

Major kudos to BGC for this epic song, and I shall hope for the day that he and Ziwtra get back together and finish their project, because it is worth finishing. Well, to me, anyway. =]

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01245 - Final Fantasy Adventure "Begin the End of the Beginning"

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