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...And still no remixes for Starcraft


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After all these years, with the sequel (or at least the first campaign of the sequel) already released, nobody has posted any remixes for the first Starcraft? Not even one?

I'd like somebody to do a nice version of Terran 2 or 3, especially for the latter since it's not even featured in the Echoes of War Blizzard soundtrack. The whole Echoes soundtrack tries to give the old tracks an "epic" feel, but I feel Starcraft Terran music has a more distinct taste when it's just trying to sound like "hicks in space".

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That'd pretty cool K.B, I love it when they mix starcraft unit sounds haha

I have some stuff that sounds really hard core/beat heavy remixes that I found a long time ago, but they don't do the terran themes sadly

But yeah, I second a starcraft remix, those 3 terran tracks are among my favorite and most emotion evoking pieces in all my musical life

Or if anyone wants to collab with me on violin/acoustic guitar maybe I'd love to - but yeah, when I get better at composition and acoustic guitar I'll give it a go

Edit: Damn Nase, that is really sweet , god I love that theme, awesome ^^

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I beat SC2 the other day; and came looking, didn't see any; so it's on my list of production.

I am currently in the early stages of production for a Terran Theme remix for OCR. I mean VERY early stages; but since you asked, you shall receive. Here's a snipet from one of the patterns. PLEASE; keep in mind this is VERY much Alpha. There's little going on; but there will be oh so much more.

Here you go:


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